Do you remember the ginormous box of vintage spindles I picked up at an auction earlier this Fall?  I have no idea what someone needed with all of those spindles… but now they are mine 😉  (and I will have a never-ending stock of spindles for years to come!) a box of vintage spindlesThere were a lot of different styles and lengths and the score also included these spindle tops.

When I was looking through the tops, I thought they would make really cute hats for snowmen… and the spindle snowman idea was born 😉 old spindle tops before paintingWith the spindles being thin, they would not stand on their own.  I needed something to keep them upright and these little wood slices were just the right size.

By gluing the spindle onto the wood slice they got the stability they needed to stand and it was in keeping with the rustic look of the snowmen.  wood slicesTo make the wood slices look like they were snow covered, I painted them with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement.  wood slices with one being painted with Casement from Fusion Mineral PaintSince I wanted the snow to look even more realistic, I took a little of the Casement and added some Fusion Fresco.  mixing Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement with Fusion Fresco to make snowThe thick mixture was ideal and held it’s shape once it was “painted” on. adding snow "paint" to a woodsliceI looove how the Fusion Fresco mixed with the Casement makes it look like real snow!  Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement mixed with Fusion Fresco to make snowFor the actual spindle snowmen, I gave them one coat of the Casement, and then added Coal Black faces and buttons and Fort York Red hats.  Fusion Mineral Painted spindles turned into snowmenan old spindle turned into a snowmanThese little guys are just so darn cute and I am so glad to have found something to do with at least a few of the spindles 😉 vintage spindles turned into snowmen with Christmas lights

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The paint for this project was generously supplied by Fusion Mineral Paint. 


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  1. Zona Koopman says:

    I really love the spindle snowmen, thank you for sharing your ideas.

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