Upcycle an Old Metal Tray Into a Fun Halloween Countdown

While I am still busy trying to sort, purge and reorganize my house, I took a little time off this past weekend to make a cute Halloween countdown calendar.  old Christmas tray before being turned into Halloween countdownI had an old metal trays that I found at the dump store this summer and thought it would be fun to turn it into a pumpkin.  drawing a face on a metal tray painted orangeThe tray got two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Barcelona Orange… the perfect pumpkin orange 😉

Before adding the face, I traced it out in pencil.  I usually do this to make sure everything is spaced and designed the way I like it before committing to paint.  Once I was happy, it was filled in with Country Chic paint in Licquorice. making a pumpkin stem with cardboard and jute rotepumpkin stem made from cardboard and jute ropeTo make the stem of the pumpkin, jute rope was wrapped around some stem cutouts.  The jute added a great rustic touch and looked great.  rope and white glueI found the coolest way to make the vines and I have been itching to try it.  dipping jute rope into white glueFour lengths of the jute rope were cut (about a foot long each), then soaked in some white glue.  using white glue and jute rope to make pumpkin vinesAs the gluey rope lengths began to dry, they were each curled around something about the size of a finger.   Just before the glue was fully dry, they were pulled off and allowed to finish drying on a piece of wax paper.  jute rope pumpkin vinesThe glued jute ended up crunchy and crisp when it was dry and the “vines” looked so cute. making a pumpkin magnetSince I wanted to add a countdown to Halloween on the metal tray, I glued a little dried flower (that looks like a pumpkin) onto a magnet.

By the way… does anyone know what these little dried flowers are??  I looove that they look like tiny pumpkins but I have no idea what they actually are… dried flower magnet on pumpkin Halloween countdownThe little magnet and flower are just the right size to move along the countdown numbers.  jute rope turned into pumpkin vines

metal pumpkin and magnetThe best part of the Halloween countdown pumpkin?  It can also be used as a memo board since it is metal.  How handy! rustic Halloween decor on buffetFall flowers in glass jarsmason jar ring pumpkinsturn an old metal tray into a Halloween countdown memo boardNow… back to sorting out my house 😉

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  1. One reason I don’t decorate for any holiday but Christmas, is the required storage space. This project is tempting because it is cute, and compared to 3-dimensional decorations, very compact to store.

    1. I completely agree Ruth… my space is very limited so I am always looking for things that store easily and that I can get to without a ton of work 😉

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