Are you unsure which paint to use on your furniture, home decor or DIY project?  I have complied a comprehensive paint comparison of decorative, DIY and furniture paints that I have tried; including their containers, easy of use and their cost.  Please note that all comments and reviews are my own and in some instances product was supplied by the paint company to test and review.

Home Decor Paint Comparison

A comparison of different home decor paint brands that I have used and how they measure up.
Paint BrandExamples of pieces that I have painted with this brandFavourite QualityLeast Favourite Quality Paint ConsistencyIdeal ForTypical Number of CoatsContainerEasy of UsePrice Ease of DistressingColour Palette Other products available in the lineWebsite
Annie Sloan Chalk
cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and paint samples sitting on a desk
Making Over Mid-Century Modern Night Standsease of usepricequite thickfurniture painting, decor, outdoor furniture, DIY projects1-2 depending on the colourthe paint comes in typical paint cans but they become rusty around the rim quite quickly unless you take care to completely clean them after each usevery easy to use****
$42 (quart)
$15 (4 oz sample)
very easy neutrals and muted European colours with a few bright ones yes; brushes, stencils, top coat, wax, Annie Sloan
Country Chic Paint
Country Chic Paint Products
The Classic Beauty of Silver and Bluethey consistently add new colours to their lineI really don't have one... except that there are no local shops 🙁not too thin, not too thick furniture painting, detail painting, home decor, DIY projects2typical paint cans easy to use****
$40 (quart)
$25 (pint)
$10 (4 oz sample)
easya very wide variety of bright and saturated coloursyes; many different finishing products, waxes, top coatCountry Chic Paint
Fusion Mineral Paint
Fusion Mineral Paint Products
A Before and After With Fusion Mineral Paint in Sterlingthe top coat is built in to their standard linesample sizes are so small you can't do much with them a thin paintfurniture painting, detail painting like words, DIY projects, painting metal2containers are plastic and have a small mouth opening so only thin brushes will fit and can be very hard to open if you forget to wipe them after each use and the paint dries on the lids/rimseasy to use***
$19 (pint)
$4.50 (1.25 oz sample)
fairly easyCanadiana palate and names, neutrals plus beautiful coloursyes; stencils, brushes, brush soap (my favourite!)Fusion Mineral Paint
Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint
Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint products
A Vintage Dresser and Milk Paintit's chippy effect and that it truly looks like an antique painthaving to mix it yourself each time!!!usually thin but you can change the consistency because you prepare itfurniture painting, DIY projects, 2-3 depending on how opaque you want itcomes in a pouch so you have to mix yourself and the pouches are quite hard to reseal so I pour the mix into glass jars to storetakes some getting used too **
$22 (makes about one quart)
very easy - my favourite for distressing!soft, antique coloursyes; hemp oil, natural bees wax, distressing wax puck, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint
General Finishes
General Finishes Chalky Style Paint in Key West Blue
A Fresh Start… With General Finishes Chalk Style Paintnice thick paint that covers welllooks like a latex paint so is not quite as chalky lookingthickfurniture painting, DIY projects, home decor2typical paint canvery easy to usenot currently for sale in Canada around me so I am not sure distresses nicely but like a latex so show the additional colours used in the mixlovely bright coloursyes; stains, finishes, other paint linesGeneral Finishes Chalk Style Paint
General Finishes Milk Paint
General Finishes Milk Paint
General Finishes Milk Paint on Metalthick paint that covers well not a true milk paint; is actually a latexthickfurniture painting, painting metal2typical paint canvery easy to use***
Approximately $33.50 (quart)
fairly easy but must be done soon after paint dries or becomes harder to distress nicelytraditional milk paint/antique coloursyes; stains, other paints lines, finishing productsGeneral Finishes Milk Paint
DecoArt Chalky Finish
DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint
Making a Statement with DecoArt Paintwide variety of colours that work well togetherpackaging - looks cheap and is in plastic containersthickfurniture painting, home decor, DIY projects2-3 depending on colourplastic container with a wide mouth which makes it easy to dip your brush into easynot sure as it is not available around me in Canada not sure as I have not distressed a piece with this paint yetbright and neutral coloursyes; craft paintsDecoArt Chalky Finish
Old Fashioned Milk Paint
Old Fashioned Milk Paint
A Farmhouse Cabinettraditional coloursI found I needed quite a bit of paint for a piece of furniturethick but since it is a milk paint that you mix yourself, you can change up the consistencyold furniture that you want an authentic colour scheme for2paper sack - you mix it yourselftakes some getting used to***very easybeautiful traditional and historically acurate furniture coloursyes, a fewOld Fashioned Milk Paint
Homestead House Paint
Painting a Dining Room Tablecreamy and smooth for a milk paintnothing really... you can customize it to your liking and projectfurniture, raw wood3-4 depending on how dark and what is being paintedpouch - you have to mix the paint yourselftakes some getting used to like all milk paint***very easya huge range of traditional and contemporary coloursyes, hemp oil, bonding agentHomestead House Paint Co.

If you would like your paint brand to be added to the comparison chart, please contact me at and I would be happy to test and add your paint brand.

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