A Living Room Makeover

So it has taken a little while, but I finally have a chance to post the before, during and after pictures of a Living Room makeover that I did.  The living room belongs to a client that was on a tight budget.  We were able to redo the living space for under $200!  Most of that money was spent on paint.  In addition to the paint, we spent a little bit on pillows and small accessories to lighten up the room.   The biggest challenge, after painting, was organizing and regrouping her belongings.

Her request… make it a room she wants to spend her down-time in.  She gets so little and when she did, didn’t want to spend any amount of time in this room because it just stressed her out looking at all of the “things”.

This room has no windows so choosing a paint colour was very important.  A common misconception is that in a room with no natural light, the walls need to be white or a very light colour.  UNTRUE!  By choosing a warm, creamy colour we recreated this room to have a cozy, relaxing feeling just with the paint.

I hope that you will find inspiration in this room makeover.  Recreating a room does not have to cost a lot by any stretch of the imagination!  Sometimes all a room needs is a little reorganization and a fresh coat of paint in the correct colour.  Enjoy!

Before the room makeover


After the room makeover was finished


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