DIY Butterfly and Flower Curtains

Here is a quick little project that I did for my nieces not long ago.  I made these DIY butterfly curtains with just some ribbon, buttons and butterflies.

My nieces had a plain pair of pink curtains for their new room (in their new house!) that they were less than thrilled with.  They wanted something that they could look at night or day and dream of being outside with the butterflies that they loved to look at.

I was able recreated the curtains simply using ribbon, old, vintage buttons and a few pre-made butterflies that I picked up at the craft store.  To make the transformation, I sewed on 2 stripes of ribbon at the top of the curtains using 2 different ribbons  I also created flowers with cut pieces of ribbon with a vintage buttons sewed on for the centre and then finally added the butterflies.

The addition of the butterflies and flowers were completely magical to girls and in total, to recreate the curtains, it cost under $10.  They LOVE the curtains now and are so thrilled that they get to “sleep with the butterflies every night!” 🙂

Plain Curtains Before

DIY Butterfly and Flower Curtains After


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