DIY Curtains

Some soft, beautiful DIY curtains can make all the difference to the feel of a room.  Sometimes it is just the simplest things that can make a room go from “liveable” to “loveable”.

In this bedroom, the client had worked to create a softer, more feminine feel to the room but just didn’t know what to do with the windows.  Because the house is very old, the windows are odd shaped and very low and large.  The previous owner had put up some industrial vertical blinds that certainly did not add any warmth or comfort to the room and needed to be removed.

The goal was to replace the industrial blinds with something simple, so as to not over power the room.  After searching through many fabrics, we decided on a light, chocolate brown fabric that would add some colour to the pale room.  As the fabric was very simple, I wanted to add a detail to the curtains to give them a beautiful, elegant touch.  After toying with beads and ribbons, we settled on a shiny, sky blue ribbon that would add some reflection and colour to the chocolate fabric.

As for hanging the curtains, I ran into a few challenges as the windows were surrounded with incredibly old wood.  After getting the industrial blinds and their hardware down I was able to replace them with a black curtain rod to match the rot iron bed frame on the smaller window.  On the much larger window (8 feet wide), I used a long dowel rod that was painted black and some black wooden hardware to support the rod.  I could have used a pre-made curtain rod for the larger window, but we would have spent more on the rod then the curtains.  Because the curtains on this window are infrequently opened, the painted dowel rod provided a much cheaper and just as esthetically pleasing option.

The result was some new, relatively inexpensive hardware and some soft and elegant DIY curtains.  The room has a completely different feel to it thanks to some simple yet richly coloured fabric.

BeforeThe larger window, measures 8 feet wide.The smaller window. 

AfterThe sky blue ribbon that added a special touch.



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