Painting Fabric Hearts

Was: Cloth Valentine hearts
Recreated Into: Rustic Christmas Tree hearts

Here is a quick little project that even kids can do to update some things lying around your house…

I found these little, red, cloth hearts in some of my storage things the other day and since I am not a big fan of getting rid of things that can be recreated (or “heart” things for that matter) I decided to see what I could do with them.

I have been wanting to try painting fabric with Chalk Paint ® and this was the perfect opportunity.  I used some Old White chalk paint and didn’t paint the hearts perfectly as I wanted them to look a little worn and rustic.  I just brushed on the paint over the hearts and strings and voila.  The fabric didn’t stiffen up with the paint but rather felt like a soft leather when it was dried and I loved the effect!

These “new” little rustic hearts are now perfectly hanging on my simple Christmas tree with only lights, pine cones and a little angel on top.

Painting fabric with Chalk paint couldn’t be easier and I would definitely recommend giving it a whirl.




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