Pillows – From Drab to Delightful

Was: Drab throw pillows
Recreated Into: Delightful pillows that add cheer and charm
Level: Medium (if you can sew☺)

One of the biggest “disposable” items in our houses these days has become throw pillows.  I can’t even imagine how many pillows get thrown out each year.  I don’t mean the pillows that children have puked on and dogs have chewed to pieces, but the ones that get thrown out just because they no longer match.

Instead of throwing out pillows that no longer match, why not take a few minutes and recreate them into something that adds cheer and charm to any space.  Pillow covers can be made to be removable so that they can be washed and there are unfathomable options available.

Each type of pillow cover below was created in a different way to meet different needs but both are able to be removed.

First set of Pillows…

These raggedy, yellow pillows were very stained and had seen better days.  They were and are used, day in and day out, in a basement which is mainly used as a play room.  When making the new covers for these pillows, I left an overlapping opening at the back so that they could be slipped off easily and washed. I also added a layer of quilting stuffing to add some volume.  When finished, they were sprayed with Scotch Guard for some added insurance against sticky little fingers.  (I would highly recommend Scotch Guarding fabric if it is being used in a high traffic area!!)


Second set of Pillows…

The second set of pillows, for the same client, were falling apart and fraying at the seems.  These pillows were going in a more personal area of the house used for writing and reading so needed to be feminine but also functional since there are little boys in the house.  I chose a bold, floral fabric and finished them with cheery red bows.  The bows hold the covers together at the top and can be easily untied so that the covers can be removed for washing.



Next time you go to throw out your outdated pillows, why not try making or buying some new covers and recreated them in a fun and earth friendly way.  The possibilities and patterns are endless!

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  1. Thanks Heather! I love that they are removable too… especially with little sticky fingers or lovely little pets in the house 🙂

  2. The pillow covers are gorgeous. As pretty as anything I've seen at Pier 1 – where you would pay $40 or more for a single pillow! This way the covers can be cleaned – how awesome is that – I never buy the ones at Pier 1 for that very reason. I have never found a pre-made pillow cover in a pattern that really caught my eye from any high-end linen store. What better way than to choose a pattern I like and have someone with your skill make them for me? Great idea. I really love the patterns.

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