Looking Forward to a New Year!

The end of one year and beginning of a new one seem to always put most of us in a reflective state.  We reflect on what went well and what didn’t over the last year and that, in turn, allows us to plan for the future.
This past year was filled with incredible opportunities for me and I feel so blessed to be apart of each and every one!  From speaking at the Ottawa Home and Garden Show to being on CTV News at Noon and everything in between, it was a great year.
The year was not without it’s setbacks though.  At the end of November, I was injured and not able to sit, stand or walk on my own for what felt like forever.  The injury is healing and thankfully, mobility has almost returned to normal!
This is my faithful guy watching out the window, patiently waiting for my parents to arrive the night I was injured 🙂
Unfortunately, that injury caused me to miss out on quite a few commitments that I had leading up to Christmas and the holiday season.  I absolutely hate committing to something and then having to back out but it was out of my control and I just had to accept it.  There are lessons to be learned at every turn though and I am trying to find the good in it all despite the holiday season not turning out how I had planned (for my business at least!).
Despite the setbacks, we are into a new year and a new beginning now!  I am very excited for all that it will hold… what I already have planned and for the doors that will open along the way.
I was able to get back to painting this week and it was a wonderful feeling!  Oh how I missed it.  I am  looking forward to getting my paintbrush on all of the pieces that have been patiently waiting in the wings, finishing a class that I started and engaging with all of you through the website, social media  and this blog.  Painting, making something out of nothing and creating in general make me feel alive and I am ready for 2015 to be full of “alive”!
I would love to hear about what you have planned for the upcoming year and look forward to going on this journey together!
Here’s to a new year, new paint and new creativity just waiting to burst forth!

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