Rustic Checkerboard Storage Table

When I was on holidays back at the beginning of September I spent some time hunting around for some pieces to work on this Fall.  (check it out here)  One of the old pieces I found was this little end table.  It was in really rough condition and had glue stuck all over its top.  However, despite its misgivings, it was a lovely size and had beautiful legs.  old table with removable topThe best things about this old table though was the removable top.  It comes off to reveal a storage space underneath.  old storage table before being paintedAs soon as I saw the table, I don’t know why, but I thought of a checkerboard.  A rustic checkerboard like you would have in an old cottage or cabin by a lake.  I thought it would be fun to have a seat on one side of the lid and a checkerboard on the other.

Before making the seat or the checkerboard, I gave the table one coat of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Typewriter.  Since I was going for a very rustic look, I wasn’t worried about coverage or chipping.  The older the paint looked the better.  woodslices befeore painting as checker piecesTo make the checkers, I cut a small branch in little half-inch circles.  I cut enough to have 12 black, 12 red and 2 extra for each colour… just in case one gets lost 😉  sanding small wood slices that will be used as checkersThe wood slices were then rubbed on a piece of fine grit sandpaper.  This smoothed out the edges and cleaned up the little loose bits.  Half were painted black and half red.  flannel plaid fabric and foam needed to make a rustic game tableTo make the seat for the top of the lid, I cut a piece of foam and thin piece of plywood to fit inside the lip around the edge.

A beautiful piece of plaid flannel was laid around the foam and board and stapled in place.  The flannel not only covered the foam and board but helped to hold it all together. checkers made out of small woodslicesPainting the checkerboard was a little tedious but not too bad.  I marked out the lines first with a pencil and then painted them in.  A regular checkerboard has 32 black squares and 32 white (or beige).nails used to keep foam on game table topTo make sure the seat didn’t move when it was all finished, it was attached with four screws at the corners.

  The screws didn’t look very good, so they were covered with a touch of black paint.  Once painted they blended in perfectly.remade old storage table with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Typewriterflannel plaid fabric storage bench/game tableI am still not sure where the checkerboard idea came from but am still so glad it came 😉

Imagine sitting on a big leather couch, in a lodge by the lake, sipping cocoa, playing a game of checkers. Pure bliss.  stroage table/bench with checkerboardrustic checkerboard tableold storage table turned checkerboard benchI used to play checkers all the time with my grandfather and have such lovely memories of it.  This was one of those projects that made me smile thinking of him as I did it.  I just wish he was still around so we could test it out together ♥

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6 Comments on " Rustic Checkerboard Storage Table "

    1. Lisa

      Aww thanks Cecilia! It will be perfect to play with my nieces and nephews next summer at the cottage!

  1. Lisa

    What an awesome idea, I love it!! Pinned.

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Cheryl!

  2. Lisa

    Wonderful job Lisa! Love that you made your own checker pieces from wood!! Very smart!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Marissa! This was one of those projects that touched me as I remembered playing it as a kid <3

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