Transforming Art Deco Dining Chairs

I shared with you a few weeks ago my Dining Room table redo and I have been loving the lighter colour.  It is so calming and airy feeling.  When I painted the table though I knew I didn’t want to keep and use the chairs that had come with the set.

solid wood dining set before getting paintedThe chairs were tall, and when all 4 were around the table, they felt too overpowering.  I have been on the hunt for new ones for a while and my sister found these beauties for me…

old Art Deco wood chairs Art Deco chairs before refinishing
for only $12!!!  For the set!  Not each one.  Can you believe it??  4, solid wood, Art Deco chairs for $12.

I love their curved backs and low profile.  They were a perfect fit for the table and don’t take away from the flow of the room.

chippy goodness with Homestead House Milk Paint

To refinish them, I used Homestead House Milk Paint in Limestone on the chairs.  It came out with a slightly different hue than the table because the wood was a different colour but I don’t mind that at all.  I love how it chipped just a little and looks like they are lovingly used.

a dining table and chairs painted with Homestead House Milk Paint in Limestone

For the seats, I used a beautiful, thick linen fabric.  I would have loved to used vintage linen but the pieces I have on hand weren’t large enough.  I will keep my eye out though on my vintage hunts for a piece and I may swap it out if I find some I love.

Beautiful curves of some art deco chairs

I am absolutely loving the chairs painted and how beautifully it highlights their curves.

a dark coloured dining set painted with cream coloured paint

a cream and natural coloured dining room
Next Tuesday I will share the step-by-step on how easy it was to recover the chair seats.

purple spring flowers in a painted vase a thrift store vase painted with Fusion Mineral Paint to make it look like galvanized metal

Find the step-by-step directions on how to recover the chair seats here… 

And if you missed the Facebook Live on Tuesday night, you can find it here.  This glass vase was one of the things painted during the demo.

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A Dining Room Makeover with Homestead House Milk Paint in Limestone

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  1. Lisa

    Love the transformation.

    1. Lisa

      Aww thanks Louise! I just love how they feel and look now.

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