What To Do With a Piece of an Old Banister

I happened to come across this piece of oak banister on one of my vintage shopping trips around the Ottawa valley and grabbed it.  Priced at only a dollar, it was a complete steal.piece of an old oak banisterI had no idea at the time what I would use it for but I have learned that if something speaks to me, grab it.

The oak was in beautiful shape and just needed a good scrub with some soap and water.  I didn’t scrub it so hard that I washed off the use and patina but enough to lose the cobwebs and dirt.old eye hooks and new vintage looking clipsWhen I found these gorgeous vintage style clips I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them either 🙂 I just loved their look and had been admiring them for awhile in a cute little shop I visit.

After I got the clips I was looking for something to hang them on and remembered the piece of banister.old, rusty eye hooksI dug out a couple of these old, rusty eye hooks (I keep everything… you just never know when you are going to need old, rusty hardware!) and added them to the banister.

I pre-drilled the holes for the eye hooks and then screwed them in.  By pre-drilling the holes I didn’t have to worry about the oak splitting or cracking.adding a new hanger to the back of an old oak banister pieceBecause the piece is quite heavy, I added a new hanger on the back to hang it by.

Make sure to use a hanger rated to hold a good amount of weight when you are working with hardwood.two, old, rusty eye hooks added to a piece of an old oak banisterOnce the eye hooks and hanger was added, that was all I needed to do.  The piece was ready for hanging

I have a little wall between my kitchen and bathroom that was in need of a little something and this was the perfect fit.old oak banister piece with rusty eye hooks and new vintage-looking clips

new vintage-looking clips Once it was hung, I added the clips and it was ready to go.

I love having unique, one of a kind pieces in my home.  For the cost of the wood and clips, this piece was much cheaper than anything pre-made I could have bought! (not to mention prettier)using an old piece of oak banister to hold memos

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turn a salvaged piece of banister into a note holder

4 Comments on " What To Do With a Piece of an Old Banister "

  1. Lisa

    I would have never thought of that! Mighty clever!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Cindy 😉

  2. Lisa

    Great idea. I have a boat paddle that I white washed and hung in my kitchen but never thought of using as a note holder!!!

    1. Lisa

      I love boat paddles! I keep thinking we should find an old one to hand at the cottage for decor. The old ones are so pretty 🙂

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