How to Maximize Your Entryway with Pallet Wood

I have been joining a group of lovely bloggers each month to challenge ourselves to complete a project made out of “construction” type materials.

Last month we had to make something out of a door (you can see what I did here…) and this month it was to make something out of a pallet.

reclaimed pallet woodI didn’t get a picture of my pallet before cutting up but here is some of the wood and I had just the project in mind!

small urban entrywayAs I have said before, I live in an urban setting in the capital of Canada.  With housing here being at a premium, houses tend to go up instead of out and mine is no exception.

My house has a very little entryway that is pretty much the bain of my existence 😉 It is small, cramped and has zero storage.  Not to mention, that you walk in the door and immediately have to head up a very tall set of stairs.

Last year I did a project that was featured by HGTV that maximized some of the wall space in my crazy entryway (you can see that project here…).  It helped make the space much more enjoyable but I have always hated that I have nowhere to put shoes.  They get tossed under the weird little radiator (that white box on the right) that never gets used and they look terrible all piled up.

«What have you made from pallet wood?»

When our challenge for this month involved pallet wood, I wanted to build myself some wooden shoe racks to see if I could maximize the space on the right around the radiator.

cut pieces of pallet woodTo do that, I used my pallet wood to make two boxes.

gluing and nailing reclaimed pallet woodThe wood was measured and cut then wood glue and nails held the boxes together.

wooden shoe rack made from pallet woodThe fronts on the boxes weren’t added until the end because I wanted to be able to attach them to the wall without trying to work around the front pieces.

building a wooden shoe rack from pallet wood

adding stencilling to reclaimed pallet wood

To make the wood look like it was taken from old crates, I used some Country Chic Paint in Vanilla Frosting and partially stenciled on some street names and addressed.

attaching pallet wood boxes to the wall to maximize the space in an entrywayUnfortunately, there were no studs where I needed the shoe racks to go so I used some very, very long screws and it held them tight.

wooden shoe rack from reclaimed pallet woodMy new wooden shoe racks aren’t huge but they are both big enough to hold several pairs of shoes.

salvaged wood turned into space saving shoe racksThey certainly make it look neater and cleaner in my entryway and I couldn’t be happier with my little cubbies.

maximizing the space in a small entryway with pallet wood shoe boxesP.S. I just have to say that this was THE most difficult project to photograph!  There is so little space that it was nearly impossible to manoeuver around with the camera!  I should have had someone take a picture of me as I was taking pictures… you would be on the floor crying from laughing so hard!

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Turn old pallet wood into space saving shoe racks


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6 Comments on " How to Maximize Your Entryway with Pallet Wood "

  1. Lisa

    Great idea and beautifully done!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much, Louise! It certainly is handy and makes the space look so much neater.

  2. Lisa

    Such a great project! Thankfully I have a dedicated mudroom, but something like this might be nice for by our front entryway, since we still do seem to accumulate a few shoes there too!

    1. Lisa

      I’d love to have a mudroom… *sigh*… it must be wonderful having one 🙂 Enjoy!!

  3. Lisa

    Lisa, these are great – and so useful! I think I will make some of these to put on my back porch. I’m always shedding my shoes because they are dirty and I don’t want to wear them in the house. This would keep them off the patio.

    1. Lisa

      Great idea Karen! I love them and they have helped to keep things looking so much tidier down there! 😉

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