Colourful Wire Word Art Perfect for Fall

It may not technically be Fall yet, but up here in Eastern Ontario it has certainly been feeling like Fall lately!  I think this is the earliest I remember having such cool weather at the beginning of September for a long time.  It has been so cool that the leaves are actually starting to turn… about a month early!  Yikes!

Despite how much I looove summer, when I feel the cooler temps and see the leaves starting to change, I really want to jump into Fall with both feet.reclaimed frame fall coloured wood and wireI have been at our family cottage for the past little bit on vacation and it needed a touch of Fall.  Yesterday I made up some Fall word art for one of the bedrooms.

To make the word art, I grabbed paint, a reclaimed frame, chunky Autumn coloured yarn and some jewelry wire.   attaching fall spelled with wire to wood frameTo get the frame ready, dab on a mix of orange, red, yellow and brown paint.  The dabbing adds a great texture that is visible when the paint dries and allows you to see all of the pretty colours.

I used the word “fall” for my art and bent it out of wire.  You can see above that I wasn’t too careful about how smooth the wire was when I made the word. The chunky yarn covers up any bends and loops so you don’t have to worry about it being perfect.  attaching wire to a wood frameAttach the first and last letter to each side of the frame to hold your word firmly in place.

I used a couple of staples to hold the wire in place.  You could also use a nail and loop the wire around it if you have a thicker frame.  wrapping wire with yarnOnce the wire in attached to the frame, start covering it with the chunky yarn.  I cut four lengths of yard and wrapped the wires with all four at the same time.  It made wrapping the wire a lot faster and easier.

Tie the yarn to one end of the word and begin wrapping.  Don’t pull the yarn too tight so that your word has a lot of texture and depth to it.

When you run out of yarn, cut four more lengths, tie them where you left off and keep going.  If your yarn isn’t too tight, you will never see where one length left of and the new one began.  fall word art made from reclaimed frame, wire and woolOnce you have covered the entire word, tie a knot and tuck the ends behind the frame.  You can also add a dab of hot glue to keep them in place.  fall word artI love the texture the chunky yarn gives to the word and all of the pretty colours it brings to the art and the room.  Yellow Fall flowers and word art

yellow flowers on cottage windowsillFall word art cottage wallHave you added any Fall decor to your space yet?

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make your own fall decor with a reclaimed frame, wire and autumn coloured wood or yarn


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  1. This is a Fantastic Wall Art Project Lisa were heading into Spring over here in Australia and my mind is already boggling over the colours I’ll choose. I should even be lucky enough to get some wool on sale now that winter is over.

    Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thanks so much Judith! This would definitely be a great project for spring as well and you could use so many pretty colours!! I would love to see a pic.

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