Light Up Your Holiday Decor With the Perfect Twig Star

I know I have said it many times before, but I just love having bits of nature inside in my decor. Being outside makes me happy and bringing some of that indoors is special to me .  Scandinavian Christmas decorNot long ago I made this Farmhouse planter for one end of my Kitchen.  I wanted to add something natural to the shelf nearby and decided on a Scandinavian inspired twig star.

To make the star decoration,  I gathered 5 long twigs, vintage Christmas bulbs and some pretty red and white twine I found at IKEA. laying out twigs to make a starI find the easiest way to make the star is to play with the twigs before tying them.  This way you can rearrange them and move them around until you find a shape you like.  wrapping twigs with IKEA red and white twineThe red and white twine I found at IKEA a few weeks ago was perfect to hold the star together.  Each intersection of the twigs was wrapped and hot glued on the back to hold it in place. reclaimed vintage Christmas bulbs painted red with German Glass GlitterI found these vintage bulbs a year ago (an entire bag for $1!) and was just itching to use them.

They were clear so each was painted red and dipped in white German Glass Glitter while the paint was still wet.  When dry, the Glass Glitter over the paint looks like sparkly snow ♥reclaimed vintage bulbs painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York RedEach bulb end was wrapped with the red and white twine leaving enough to hang them with.  red and white IKEA twine wrapped around twigsTo keep the look simple, the bulbs were tied, at varying lengths, to the horizontal twig.

The simplicity of the bulbs, twine and twigs looks so striking yet balanced.

This star would be lovely hung indoors, sitting on a shelf like mine or even outdoors on a fence or shed. red berries with greenery and twig starreclaimed vintage bulbs hung from a Scandinavian inspired twig star

greenery wrapped around twigs with a Christmas fernOh, and I found this little Christmas fern this past weekend and am completely in love with how cute it is in the milk glass.  I am kind of wishing I had bought a few of them… DIY twig Christmas starScandinavian twig star with reclaimed bulbsThe twig star and vintage bulbs add the perfect rustic Scandinavian touch to the shelf in my Kitchen.

Where would you put your star?  reclaimed wood sign painted with Merry Christmas

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Make a Scandinavian Christmas star with twigs

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