Easy DIY Paper Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to believe that it is already the end of January!  Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it so today’s craft is a fun paper heart garland.  (Catch another Valentine project here…)construction paper used to make a Valentine garland by Recreated DesignsFor your heart garland, you will need 3 sheets of construction paper in shades of red and/or pink.cutting construction paper strips to make an easy DIY heart garland by Recreated Designs

Cut the following…

2 x 9″ long
2 x 8″ long
2 x 7″ long
and 2 x 6″ long

Trim each set to be slightly narrower than the set before.attaching a string hanger to a paper heart by Recreated DesignsAdd a piece of string between the ends of the longest strips.attaching a hanger to a paper heart garland by Recreated DesignsThis will give you something to hang it by when you are done.
making a heart out of paperFold the papers down and away from where they are glued.  Add some glue to the inside of the strips and you will have formed a heart.adding hearts to a paper Valentine garland by Recreated DesignsContinue adding to your heart garland using the smaller and smaller set of strips each time.finishing paper hearts for a garland by Recreated Designs

adding hearts to a Valentine paper garland by Recreated DesignsMaking a paper heart garland by Recreated DesignsFinish off your heart garland by glueing the ends of the last heart.paper heart Valentine garland by Recreated DesignsMini Alphabet stamps used to decorate a paper heart by Recreated DesignsI used little alphabet stamps to add words to some of my hearts as well… just to add a little something.paper heart garland DIY by Recreated DesignsYou can keep adding to your heart garland to make it as long as you’d like.paper heart garland DIY by Recreated DesignsI made my garland only four hearts long and hung it on a piece of reclaimed wood painted white.  The pink and red really pop against the white and it turns simple paper into a piece of art.a Valentine paper heart garland by Recreated Designs

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How to Make a paper heart garland an easy DIY by Recreated Designs

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