A Little Vintage Fall Before the Season Ends

I have been wanting to hold onto fall as long as I can this year so I decided to squeeze in one more fall DIY before the season ends.

Even though Thanksgiving is long over in Canada, my friends to the south have not celebrated it yet and it feels like the season to be thankful is still in full swing.

I have had this old cutting board that I picked up at the dump reuse centre for some time. One side happens to be… well… quite ugly.

ugly vintage cutting board

The other side however is beautifully patinaed wood and made the perfect backdrop for this project.

I have been wanting to use this IOD Fleur-de-Lis mould for a fall project since I saw it because I loved those little acorns and leaves tucked amongst the rest.

IOD Mould old cutting board

The Acorns and Leaves

You can get some amazing impressions out of IOD moulds and the details they have are incredible. I used air-dry clay for this fall DIY.

IOD mould air-dry clay

You can pop some out in no time and they will dry on their own; no baking is required when you use air-dry clay.

acorns and leaves out of air-dry clay

To give the little leaves and acorns some color I painted them while the clay was still wet or soft to the touch.

Milk paint red yellow and brown

I used milk paint in red, yellow, and brown with a little artist’s brush to paint the impressions and then left them to dry overnight.

painting air-dry clay with milk paint

Before adhering any of the impressions, I used a piece of chalk to write the script I wanted. By using the chalk, I was able to “erase” it and rewrite it until I got it how I wanted it. When I had it how I liked it, I painted over it with the same red milk paint as the leaves.

The final step was to use a little hot glue and adhere the leaves and acorns.

Even though this project was pretty easy, it was a great way to reuse an ugly cutting board. I love how the wood looks with the other vintage wood pieces on my shelves. (see how to make these shelves that were made from an old drawer here…)

If you would like to learn all about using decorative moulds and air-dry clay on furniture and home decor projects, check out my virtual Decorative Moulds classhere…


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2 Comments on " A Little Vintage Fall Before the Season Ends "

  1. Lisa

    I’ve never seen molds like this, Lisa, they are so cute! I love the way this project came together. It feels like the perfect way to celebrate the season. Hope yours is off to a great start, CoCo

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much, CoCo. The moulds are so great and the detail is amazing! I hope your holiday season is off to a great start.

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