If It Speaks To You, Don’t Pass It Up

I say this often; to you and myself… if it speaks to you, don’t pass it up. There are too many times when we bring things home that we think are ho-hum and too many times we leave things behind that we love.

I am a firm believer that you should surround yourself with things that you love and that speak to you… not what is trendy. There are times when you see something that you love but it’s not quite right. If you can bring it home and make it right, then consider grabbing it.

That was the case with these vintage oil paintings I found at the dump reuse centre last fall. I loved the painting but I really, really didn’t like the frames. Frames are an easy fix though so it was an easy decision to bring them home.

old landscape painting laying on a table

an old painting laying on a table

Surprisingly, the paintings are by two different artists even though they are very similar in their colours and feel. I have no idea who owned them, but I think they were likely owned by the same person because they are so similar.

oil painting signatures

The frames of the vintage oil paintings were very dated-looking. It would have been easy to just change out the frames for different ones but I decided to keep them and lighten them up with some paint.

old paintings in their wood frames

Painting the frames (and fabric matte) was an easy and quick fix. Paint in a light colour instantly makes the colours in the paintings pop and look brighter.

vintage oil paintings and their frames

oil paintings in painted frames

I am so glad I brought them home… even if it did take months and a little paint to get to them updated and added to my vintage art gallery wall.

collection of painting on a wall

If you want tips on how to decide what (and what not) to bring home when thrifting, check out this post here… 

collection of old paintings hanging in a stairwell

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Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Spring!

4 Comments on " If It Speaks To You, Don’t Pass It Up "

  1. Lisa

    This is fabulous advice, Lisa! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve walked away from something I LOVED only to pine over it and settle for something I just LIKED weeks later – gah – it’s the worst feeling! Love this beautiful and gentle reminder to fill your home with things you love – it’s so important. Hugs, CoCo PS: Your gallery wall is amazing!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Coco. I have done the same and try hard not to leave them behind now 😉

  2. Lisa

    I had to check the signature on the smaller of the paintings, in the ’80s I painted one almost identical. The step by step directions came from a learn to paint book. I’m not sure how many pictures I painted during that phase of crafting, but I know it was a lot. I gave most away, the rest went the way of garage sales. I kept only one, regretfully. And now I will have to get it out and refresh the frame.

    1. Lisa

      How cool would that have been to have one that you painted resurface! Maybe one day I’ll find one 🙂

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