How to Make a Beautiful Faux Brick Wall for Under $50!

Last week when I shared the napkin pillows I gave you a little sneak peek of my faux brick wall that I completed this fall. I have finally finished the wall itself although I haven’t yet painted the rest of the room… that will have to wait 😉

I love this area of my house and use it daily for writing. The alcove is right off of my kitchen and next to big sliding doors. It’s the perfect spot to work and listen to the birds.

This spot was the perfect place to create a backroom from an old house with exposed brick.

kitchen wall before diy

Taping the Wall

While this project was a little labour intensive, it really couldn’t have been easier and the entire wall cost less than $50!

To start, I used 1/4″ painter’s tape and masked off horizontal lines on the wall that were about 4″ apart.

thin 1/4" painters tape

I used a small pocket level every few lines to check and make sure the lines were staying straight.

using a small level to make sure tape lines are level

I would recommend leaving the tape a little longer on each end. These extra pieces made removing the tape a lot easier when it was all done.

lines of painters tape on a wall

Once the horizontal lines were done, I added vertical lines at random lengths to create the brick shape. I used the same 1/4″ painter’s tape.

making brick outlines with thin painters tape

Creating the Texture of Brick

With everything taped off, next came the brick’s texture. I used spackling for the bricks and just applied it with my fingers. I would recommend wearing disposable gloves and a mask when working with the spackling.

using spackling to make fake bricks

The DryDex spackling I used went on pink and dried white so it was easy to tell when it was dry.

creating faux bricks with spackling on a wall

Here is the entire wall with just the spackling.

wall full of fake bricks made from spackling

Painting the Fake Bricks

Painting the bricks was what gave them their authentic look. I didn’t paint the entire wall rather just a little of each brick with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Primer Red. Primer Red is the perfect aged brick colour and it only took a small sample pot to cover the wall.

painting faux bricks red with Annie Sloan Primer Red paint

After applying the Primer Red, I also added a little bit of Fusion Mineral Paint in Damask. Damask is a beigey pink colour that added some depth to the bricks.

adding Fusion Damask to faux bricks

Finishing the Wall

With the faux bricks painted red and beige, it was time to peel off the tape. You can see below how the bricks looked once the tape was removed. The narrow painter’s tape provided the perfect mortar-sized strips in between each one.

painting fake bricks white

Then, the entire wall was painted with wall paint. I didn’t cover everything fully with the wall paint I just did one light coat. Adding only a small layer of wall paint allowed the brick colour to show through and makes it look like white-washed brick.

faux brick wall made from spackling

I am completely thrilled with how inexpensive this faux brick was to create. What an impact for less than $50. Now I just have to add a fresh coat of white wall paint to the rest of the room 🙂

faux brick wall made from painters tape and spackling

This area feels even better now and has the look of an old brick house. If you want to see how I have recreated a few other rooms in my house, check out these posts here and here.

fake brick wall behind a couch

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