Turn Ordinary Clipboards and Vintage Lace Into a Lovely Photo Display

I, like everyone else, used to print off photos all the time. I have stacks and stacks of photo albums in a closet. Nowadays though, it seems like I never ever print them off and just look at them on my devices.

There is something lovely about having some special photos displayed in your home. It reminds you of where you’ve come from and those you love.

For a recent episode of Hometalk TV, I thought it would be fun to take some plain clipboards and make a beautiful photo display for the hallway. I really wanted to hang up some special photos in a unique way.

I started with three clipboards. You can find many different styles depending on their age.

three clipboards

To give the clipboards a softer look, each one was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Original. I knew the Chalk Paint would stick to both the board and the metal clip so it was a good choice.

painting a clipboard white

I painted on top and under the clip so that it was completely covered.

painting the metal clip on a clipboard

After everything was given two coats of paint, the edges of the clip got a little sanding. This created a feeling of age instantly.

sanding the paint on the metal clip of a clipboard

To make the new clipboard picture frames even more special, I dug into my stash of vintage lace and ribbons. I started each board with one larger piece and wrapped it around the bottom third of the board.

stretching ribbon around the bottom third of a clipboard

To hold the ribbon and lace in place, I secured it to the back with a little dab of hot glue.

attaching lace to a clipboard with hot glue

The more lace and ribbon that was added, the prettier the boards became.

layering vintage lace around a clipboard

The final touch before adding the photos was to attach one more piece of ribobn to the top. It was slipped through the hold in the cllip and tied in a knot.

attaching a ribbon to the top of a clipboard

Each board was unique and I love that no two were alike.

vintage lace tied around the top of a clipboard

Just like the photos.

vinage lace wrapped around the bottom of a clipboard

This was such a lovely way to display these special photos and I love that the clipboards look as old as the photos.

There are so many ways to decorate the clipboards that no matter what your style or decor, you can make them match.

clipboards reused as photo hangers on a wall

The next time you’re at the thrift store be sure to keep your eye out for some clipboards! You will be so glad you grabbed them.

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