Make Incredible Magazine Worthy Fall Decor Using Cheap Plastic Pumpkins

Fall is officially here and there is a definite change in the air. I’m ready to break out the cozy wool blankets, yummy hot chocolate, and all things pumpkin-related. Fall is my favourite season, and I love enjoying every last moment.

There is always something special about changing up your spaces for the fall as well. It feels so good to bring out soft, comforting things to make your home feel warm and ready for the crisper weather.

As I bring out my fall things, I always like to add something new to the mix. This year I decided some new pumpkins were in order. I found these ones at the dollar store, and while the glowing orange plastic is not my taste, I loved the shape of them.

dollar store orange pupmkins

Painting the Pumpkins

To make them more “me”, I knew they needed to be softer and textured. I grabbed some Annie Sloan paint in Old Ochre and Duck Egg Blue because I knew it would have no issues sticking to the slick surface so it was a perfect choice.

Annie Sloan paint being used to paint plastic pumpkins

One pumpkin was painted with each colour and the third was a mix of the two.

painting dollar store pumpkins with Annie Sloan paint

Adding Flowers

To add some texture to the pumpkins and make them prettier, I grab a couple of my IOD moulds. This one, He Loves Me, is one of my favourites and I’ve used it a few times. (see it on a chalkboard here…)

I started by dusting the moulds with corn starch, this makes the impressions much easier to release.

dusting an IOD mould with corn startch

Then filled the mould with air dry clay making sure to press it into all of the little nooks and crannies.

putting air dry clay in an IOD mould

I leveled it off with a ruler

leveling off air dry clay in a mould

and then popped out the impressions.

removing air dry clay from an IOD mould

I also used this mould, Roses, for additional flowers on the third pumpkin.

IOD mould of roses

Adhering the Flowers

After all of the flowers were made, it was easy to adhere them to the pumpkins. I used a tacky white glue and it held them all in place easily. You don’t need much glue just make sure the entire back is covered so that the edges are all stuck down.

using glue to attach air dry clay to dollar store pupmkins

flowers on a pumpkin

Finishing up the Pumpkins

After getting all of the flowers in place, they were given a coat of the same paint as the pumpkin they were on. This made them blend in beautifully with each of the pumpkins.

painting air dry clay flowers on a pupmkin with Annie Sloan paint

To make them look a little older and give them some character, I added Fusion’s Antiquing Glaze over them all with a small brush. Make sure to push it down into all of the little crevices so that it highlights all of the beautiful details.

using Antiquing glaze to highlight flowers on a pupmkin

Once it was all applied, I used a soft cloth to gently wipe it off of the high spots.

rubbing off Antiquing glaze over flowers

I did the same to the lines around the pumpkins making them look aged and shadowy.

putting antiquing glaze into the crevices of a pumpkin

The final touch was to add a little piece of a branch for a stem.

gluing on a piece of wood for a pumpkin top

I couldn’t be happier with these little beauties and love how soft and muted they look and feel.

pumpkins decorated with air dry clay flowers and painted a soft muted colour

IOD air dry clay on plumpkins painted with Annie Sloan paint

I can’t believe these are the same cheap, plastic pumpkins that I picked up for next to nothing at the Dollar Store. They definitely feel magazine-worthy now ♥

decorated pupmkins with flowers and clay

If you’d like to learn more about using decorative moulds, check out my online class here… 

I hope your fall is off to a great start and I’d love to hear what you’re doing to get your spaces cozy and ready for the season 🍂

🍂 Happy Fall 🍂

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