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Milk Paint 101 Class

Thank you for purchasing the Milk Paint 101 class.
Below you will find links to each section of the class including the worksheets.
You can watch the videos at anytime, moving along at your own pace.

Begin your Milk Paint class with this quick introduction.

This video will walk you through everything you need to get started. We will talk about mixing and getting the paint ready for use.

Learn how to get a variety of looks using milk paint. Everything from smooth to chippy and layered to stained.

There are three great options to finish off your furniture and home decor pieces and each will be covered in this section.

A few last tips to get you going on your milk paint journey.

Use these handy worksheets to take notes during the class.

A list of supplies used in the class.

Thanks for joining me in in the Milk Paint 101 class.

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