Cottage Projects With a Vintage Flair

My new book Recreated Designs: Cottage Projects With a Vintage Flair is now available in both paper and for e-readers.

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About the book:

Relaxing afternoons by a beautiful lake, rustic decor of a beloved cottage, carefree hours spent discovering nature… these are the nostalgic experiences that help to create the memories we all have cherished of summers gone by. They are also the inspiration for the new Recreated Designs book; Cottage Projects With a Vintage Flair.

Cottage Projects With a Vintage Flair is filled with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects and charming photos for the cottage and nature lover in us all. This book is packed full of step-by-step projects made from reclaimed and vintage finds and includes tips and tricks to help you along the way. Original patterns are also included to help you easily complete some of the rustic projects.

From old furniture and broken light fixtures to a discarded waterski and outdated baskets, the Recreated Designs book is the perfect guide to get your creative juices flowing.

Be inspired – recreate the world around you!