Thrift Stores, a Flea Market, an Auction and The Dump Store

I have been on vacation this past week as I mentioned on Sunday and what a lovely time it has been.  How much more renewing could a couple of weeks at the cottage be?  Especially when they are sprinkled with visits to some thrift stores, a flea market, and auction and TWO Dump “stores”??dock-lake-cottage-recreateddesignsI had the chance this past weekend to go to my very first auction.  Oh my goodness what an adventure! Have you ever been to one?  My parents have been telling me for years what a great time they are but I had just never made the time to check one out.

Finally, this past Sunday, my sister, dad, niece and I headed to one near by and what fun!  The weather was perfect, the people friendly and the collection of things to be had was a bit unreal.  I think it’s safe to say that I am officially hooked and will be keeping my eye out for more now in the future.  antique trunk and a small side table with wooden bowlsvintage-wood-spindles-recreateddesignsI also discovered recently that there is not only ONE local dump “store” near our cottage but TWO!!  I can’t believe it! (If you have missed some of the cool dump “store” finds this summer, you can check them out here, here and here)  The best part about the second dump store; it’s much, much bigger.  I thought I was thrilled with everything I had found at the local one, but this bigger one is unbelievable.  I can’t believe I never knew about the bigger one?!

Here are just a few of the things I found at the bigger dump “store” this week… a collection of wooden bowls found at a local dump "store"two metal trays and a wood tray found at a reuse storean oil painting sitting against an antique trunk and some oak drawersold-jar-stone-pot-wooden-bowl-dump-findsNow my mind is reeling with all of the possible projects that await with my new found treasures…
They should keep me busy for the next little white at least 😉

On another note, for the month of September I have also been pushing my creativity through my camera.  I am participating in a Photo-a-Day Instagram challenge. with some other Canadian bloggers.  Looking for ways to incorporate the theme each day has truly been fun!  If you would like to follow along, or check out the pictures so far, you can join me on Instagram at Recreateddesigns.


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