Incredible Vintage Finds From the Dump

My summers are usually filled with loads of trips to the dump reuse centres. This summer was different though and I have only made it to them once so far.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to slip away and check them out and boy did they not disappoint. I walked away with my biggest haul ever. I think the dump made up for all of the missed trips this summer and saved it all for me LOL.

If you are new around here and aren’t sure what the dump reuse centres are, you can check them out here and here.

I still can’t believe the variety of things (and amount!) that I found that day. Everything was free and only cost me the gas to get there. Check out my finds…

Dump Finds

I never pass up colourful old books. I can use them for everything from decorating to craft projects and their faded colours look beautiful in any space.

old books

Old dishes are a must for me. Again they are just so versatile I hate to pass them up. I can use them as decor, for flowers (see some here…), or in 100 other ways.

The detail on this old gravy boat was just too pretty to pass up!

vintage gravy boat

This find was one of the few things I grabbed that wasn’t vintage. I love white dishes and the shape of this is very similar to old ironstone so it was worth grabbing.

white creamer

How pretty are these vintage china bowls? The green trim will look so pretty around the holidays and they can easily be filled with anything from pinecones to Christmas baubles.

old china bowls

When I saw this bowl I knew it was special… I just didn’t realize at the time just how special it really is. It’s a gorgeous yellow stone bowl that you can tell has been loved and loved but it is still in pretty good shape.

heavy stone yellow bowl

It’s a heavy one and thankfully there was a clear maker’s mark on the bottom.

1940's yellow dough bowl

When I got home I did a little digging and discovered that it was from the 1940’s (made in Ohio) and was typically used as a dough bowl. How cool is that? (not to mention its value is well over $100!)

Can’t you just imagine someone leaving their homemade bread to rise in this pretty thing every morning? And the smell of bread baking in the oven later in the day… Yum!!

R.R.P. Co logo on bottom of bowl

Baskets are always something I love to grab when I see them; especially ones that have a pretty shape or style. This round one is one of the other non-vintage things I brought home that day but its classic shape is lovely so I couldn’t leave it there.

round basket with handle

This basket is a little older and I love how big it is. Big baskets (especially vintage ones) can be really pricey so when I see them for free, they are a must-grab. I always give them a good clean first (check out how to clean your vintage finds here) and then I know I can put them to good use.

large handled basket

There is something beautifully nostalgic about vintage toys and games. While I don’t collect them, I love using them to decorate with or even to play with if the pieces are all still there. These vintage dominos are all in tact and can still be used on a rainy day at the cottage.

vintage dominos set

I couldn’t pass up this 1960’s chalkboard. I have a thing for chalkboards (it must be the teacher in me!) and ones like this cutey are so fun. Check out another chalkboard I found at the dump here…

1960's child's chalkboard

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? I have always thought breakfast trays were so pretty and can be used in so many different ways. I have never had one so when I saw this one I fell in love. I already have a plan for it and will share what I do with it soon 😉

wood breakfast tray

Just look at those beautiful wood legs! I can’t wait to use it.

back of wood breakfast tray

These little mail sorters were very common back in the day and I see them quite a bit. This one was handmade and that makes it special. I think these are so fun to paint and use in an office. They are still super handy to have hanging around.

vintage wood letter holder

While this piece of art isn’t vintage the fact that someone took the time to draw this beautiful winter scene spoke to me. The lake, trees, and little red barn make this piece lovely and someone put some time into it. I think after the frame gets a little paint it will definitely be added to my vintage art gallery wall. (see it here…)

hand drawn winter scene

I have no idea what I’ll do with this little beauty but I love how unique it is. That vintage paper on the shelf is so pretty that I will try to preserve it no matter how the mirror gets used in the future.

little white shelf with a tiltable mirror

These succulents are an odd find but they just go to show that you never know what you’ll find at the dump reuse centre. They are real and doing well so I will probably just give the containers a little refresh and then find them a cozy spot in my house.

succulents in pots

How can you go wrong with old Christmas balls? Especially when they are in these pretty colours? I already have a plan for these for an upcoming episode of Hometalk TV so keep an eye out for that.

old shiny Christmas balls

These last two items are some of my favourite from the day.

I love, love, love vintage art, and even more so when it is a fall or outdoor theme. This piece was painted on a thick piece of wood and will definitely be added to my collection it just needs a frame. For now though, I will just lean it on a shelf and enjoy its beauty through the fall.

fall painting

My biggest find of the entire day (and absolute favourite) though has to be this old screen door. I love the shape, the colour, the style… frankly everything about it is perfection! Even the old handle is perfection. I am not sure what I will do with it long-term but I have a few plans for the upcoming holiday season to put it to good use 😉

old green screen door

So… what do you think? Was it worth a trip to the dump?

The fact that everything was free and each and every piece was saved from the landfill does my heart good. I so wish other communities would start programs like this. Imagine how far it could go in helping to protect our planet!!

Do you have any favourites from my dump finds?

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  1. Lisa

    I don’t know where you live – you lucky girl! – but we don’t have “dump reuse centers” here in California. Congratulations on all of your great finds!!

    1. Lisa

      Hi Chris, I am in Canada and the dumps are most definitely a great thing in my area 😉 I’m so glad you enjoy the finds.

  2. Lisa

    Wow! What a great haul. Can’t wait to see your makeovers.

    1. Lisa

      Thanks! It’s going to be fun giving a few of these things a makeover 🙂

  3. Lisa

    Incredible finds! How exciting….

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Louise! It’s pretty fun to find so many cool things in one day 🙂

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