Tips for Creating a Collection of What you Love

It’s no secret that I love vintage art and particularly vintage paint by numbers. There is something nostalgic about them that reminds me of being at the cottage when I was young. I have been collecting them for a few years now and If you follow me on Instagram they are often visible in my home.

When I began collecting vintage art I wasn’t really sure what to do with it all. I found many of the pieces for free at the Dump Reuse Centre and just couldn’t pass up the handcrafted beauties. When I had enough pieces that I wanted to figure out a way to display them, I decided to begin hanging them up one of my staircases.

Here is my vintage art collection from my Holiday House tour (see it here…)

vintage art and paint by numbers

Each piece in my collection has a different frame, they are all different sizes, and the collection includes both oil paintings and paint by numbers. There are a few things though that tie them all together into a collection – their age, the subject matter, and their colours.

The Newest Addition

The newest addition to my collection is a piece that I painted myself. It is new paint by number that my Mom gave me. Let me tell you… I have a new respect for the hours that went into those vintage paint by numbers now that I have done one myself.

beginning a new paint by number

This project took me most of the fall but I absolutely loved working on it.

working on a paint by number

newly painted vintage paint by number

Making it Work

Even though this piece is new, I wanted to add it to my art collection. Instead of using the hanging kit that came with the project, I used a vintage one that I had in my stash and it completely transformed the piece.

old frame new art

The vintage frame instantly took the piece from newly painted to an old masterpiece. By swapping out this one detail, the piece became a part of my collection and fit in with all the rest.

collection or vintage art in a stairwell

Tips for Creating Your Own Collection

Here are some tips for creating your own collection of things you love…

Group items together – visually it creates a feast for the eyes and adds depth and texture to a space

Don’t worry if they aren’t all the same – as long as there is one element that ties them all together the rest doesn’t matter

A collection has to begin somewhere – even if you only have 2 or 3 items, you are already on your way to a growing collection and it’s time to display them

If your collection is displayed on a shelf or mantel use things like books and wood to create different heights

Collect what you love – don’t worry about trends or what looks right; if you love it, that’s all that matters

Remember that a collection is always evolving – you can add to it, take away from it or go in a completely different direction anytime you want

My Favourite Part

My favourite part of my vintage art collection so far (and it is far from being done!)? There is now a vintage paint by number that my Mom did when she was young…vintage paint by number

and a new paint by number that I did…vintage frame with new paint by number

Do you have something you love to collect?

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  1. Lisa

    This is amazing, Lisa! I can’t believe you painted your own piece – that is super cool. I’ve always wanted to try one myself. I love how this all came together and your gallery wall is fabulous. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Coco! I have to say that even though it took a long time, it was really fun. It was one of those things that just became relaxing to do… even if it was only for 20 – 30 minutes whenever I had time 🙂

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