A Little Fall Decor Made From Dump Store Finds and Fusion Fresco

This summer I have been finding some pretty cool things at our local dump “store”. (and I’m already growing sad about the coming winter when I won’t be able to get there!)

As I was perusing the treasures on a recent visit, I saw this glass vase and old light globe way up high on a shelf.  They were covered in dust and had both obviously been there for quite some time.  They weren’t together but I kept looking between the two thinking they should be.

The shape of the vase was just so pretty and the light globe reminded me of an acorn.  Hmm… A glass vase and light globe found at the dump "store" before paintingNot long before I found these beauties, I had received a packet of Fusion Fresco that I had been itching to use and these dump pieces had me thinking…

Fresco is a new (super easy!) product from Fusion that adds texture to your paint.

For this project, I wanted to add some texture to the vase so that it had that old-world feel to it.  Like it was plaster.   mixing Fusion Fresco with Caement paint To clean up the pieces, before painting I just used a little soap and water.  They then both got a base coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement.

To prepare the Fresco I sprinkled it into some of the extra paint.  I wanted the vase to have quite a bit of texture so made my mixture pretty thick.  You can add as much or as little as you want, just remember that it will thicken up once the paint soaks in.  Start light and keep adding the Fresco if it isn’t thick enough once it’s absorbed.  applying Fusion Fresco over a layer of Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement to a glass vaseOnce the mixture was the consistency I wanted, I painted it on over the original coat of Casement.  Adding a layer of Fusion Fresco to a painted glass vaseYou can see in the above picture that I added a lot 😉

While it was still wet, I also dabbed on some of the Fusion Antiquing Glaze.  The dark glaze will help once it’s dry to add some depth and age spots.  painting a glass vase with Fusion Mineral Paint with their Fresco addedUsing a piece of sandpaper, I sanded off the edges and points and make it a little more smooth once it was dry.  It was then finished off with another light coat of the Casement paint.  Fusion Mineral Paint Fresco project for FallFor the “acorn” on top, I followed the same process only without the Fresco.   The light globe already had the perfect texture so I left that as is. Fusion Mineral Paint Fresco Fall decor project with found itemsI love these two glass pieces together.  I don’t know where they lived in their former lives but they are now a beautiful addition to my shelves. Found glass light globe and glass vase turned into some Fall decor with Fusion Mineral Paint and FrescoFall home decor with found glass and Fusion Mineral PaintTw0 dump store finds and a little Fusion Fresco made the perfect combination to create some beautiful new Fall decor.

Don’t forget that next Tuesday I will be continuing the “Paint the Colours of Fall Series” with a Yellow week.  And let me tell you… there are some gorgeous yellow furniture pieces out there in Ottawa right now!  See you then.

The Fusion Fresco used for this project was generously provided by Fusion Mineral Paint. 


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8 Comments on " A Little Fall Decor Made From Dump Store Finds and Fusion Fresco "

  1. Lisa

    So creative, Lisa. It looks amazing. I’ve never tried any of the Fusion products or paint, but now I’m wondering what I’m missing! LOL Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

    1. Lisa

      I really, really love the Fusion Paint. It comes with a top coat built in so saves a lot of time. It’s a very smooth and thinner paint and really pretty colours. You will definitely have to give a whirl sometime!

  2. Lisa

    I love this! It all makes for the perfect fall vignette. And better yet, it’s repurposed! xoKathleen

    1. Lisa

      I am all for anything repurposed and I am so happy I found these two little glass pieces… it was like they were meant to be together 😉

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Cecilia! I definitely had fun using the Fusion Fresco.

  3. Lisa

    Wow! Did not see those two pieces working together like that! It looks amazing now! great eye Lisa!

    1. Lisa

      Aww thanks so much Marisa! Isn’t it funny how such random things can work together?? I am continually amazed when things like this fall into place 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you are having a great week! Hugs, Lisa

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