The Opinicon – A Rustic Retreat for the Soul

I having been longing for summer these past couple of weeks and so today I thought I would share some lush green trees, cozy old buildings, and sparkling blue water; all the things that speak to my soul.The Opinicon sign historic resort in eastern Ontario Canada At the end of the summer last year, while on vacation, I took a day trip with my mom to The Opinicon.  I had been wanting to check out this old place for some time and it was certainly worth the wait!

The Opinicon

The Opinicon is a historic resort that was built in the late 1870s on the banks of Opinicon Lake in eastern Ontario.  It used to be a place to gather for fishing, boating, and connecting with others during the all-too-short summer months and has recently been brought back to life.The Opinicon main building Elgin, ON Places like The Opinicon truly speak to my soul.  They are everything I love; the outdoors, water, trees, rustic buildings and furnishings, and remnants of the history around us.

red chairs to lounge in at the Opinicon resort and hotel

sitting on the banks of Opinicon Lake Elgin OntarioWhen I have the opportunity to visit historic places like this, I can just imagine those who used to “summer” there and the sense of belonging that must have come from spending time with a community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.  The dining room of The Opinicon, Opinicon Lake Ontario


The Opinicon has gone through its own renewal in the past several years and has been meticulously brought back to life. The Opinicon main dining room Elgin Ontario CanadaIt has been beautifully restored, both inside and out, and has an incredible commitment to supporting local workers and farmers.

red Gerber daisy on the table in the main dining room of The Opinicon

On my outing there, I had the chance to eat in the dining room and the food, which was all locally sourced, was incredible.  And I mean IN-CR-EDI-BLE! Some of the best I have tasted in a long, long time (and I am a very, very, very picky eater).  There is something to be said for every morsel of your meal coming from local farms. incredible food at the Opinicon resort, Ontario

The Grounds

There is so much to do at The Opinicon and yet, when I was there, all I wanted to do was soak in the beauty and sit under the towering trees.Opinicon lake The Opinicon, Elgin Ontario Canada The view alone is worth a million dollars – as my Nana used to say.giant chess board at The Opinicon Elgin Ontario travel day trip You can watch the lake for hours getting lost in the gorgeous surroundings…Opinicon Lake, Elgin Ontario from The Opinicon

The Opinicon main building porch Onatrio travelOr wander through the grounds with its restored cottages and buildings.The Opinicon resort and hotel, travel eastern Ontario Canada And when you are ready for a little sustenance to keep going, there is even an Ice Cream Shop complete with vintage stools and mint green walls.

The Opinicon Ice Cream Shop travel Eastern Ontario Canada

What late summer day wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream cone in the shade?small cottages at The Opinicon historic resort Rideau Canal Ontario travel While there, I did have to wonder if what really spoke to my soul was not just the history and rustic details but also the copious amounts of yellow and green paint.  My grandparent’s house, which holds some of my most cherished memories, was painted the exact same colours for as long as I can remember…Main building of The Opinicon hotel and resort Ontario

I’ll be back! 

Venturing to places like this is not just a reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment but to appreciate all those who came before us.
I don’t know about you but I need breaks like this.  They are what feed my soul and renew my spirit.Canadian flags flying at The Opinicon, Elgin Ontario Canada Whether it was the nostalgia of being in a place where I could feel the history around me or the familiarity of the yellow and green paint, either way, The Opinicon is a place I will be returning to soon!