A Trip Around the Ottawa Valley to My Favourite Dump Stores

Last weekend I had a rare weekend off so my sister and I hit the road.  For today’s #simplySunday post I’m sharing some of my finds.

If you have followed along for a while, you know one of my favourite places to find vintage pieces are the “dump stores” around our cottage.  We decided that would be a great place to start our little trip around the Ottawa Valley.vintage finds piled in the back of a HondaThe dump stores in the winter aren’t nearly as busy as in the summer but we still found some great things.  I am not surprised there were so few people becuase after about 2 minutes in the unheated buildings, we were already frozen!  And by frozen I mean, down to the bone, can’t warm up, frozen.  It wasn’t even an overly cold day, but we still felt like we were looking for treasures in a meat locker.

Enduring the cold was worth it though. I found some things that warmed my heart 😉English and French white dishes foundI love collecting white dishes and found this random pile of English and French ones.

Finding Ironstone makes my heart skip a beat and even though these weren’t, they were still pretty and lovely enough to grab.old dovetail wooden drawerI found two small vanity drawers and one larger one.  They have beautiful dovetailing on them and will be perfect for storage and organizing.  The piece they came from was broken beyond repair so they had been left for someone who could use them as is.Irish wool wrap in beautiful turquoise and greenAt one of the dumps I dug out this gorgeous wool wrap from a box of linens.  The colours instantly drew me too it even before I knew what it was.  Turns out it is a vintage wrap that was hand-woven in Ireland. It is in great condition and just needs a wash to freshen it up.vintage and worn kitchen wares found while pickingVintage kitchen ware is another favourite of mine.  I always grab these metal pans whenever I see them because they are fantastic for so many different reasons.  The same goes for anything wooden like these spoons.  They look so nice grouped together in a white jug ♥vintage paint by number cabin with mountains in the backgroundAfter our round of dump stores, we went to a few of my favourite thrift store jaunts.  At the first one, my sister found three vintage paint by number paintings and I instantly tucked them under my arm.  There is something special that speaks to me when I see these vintage amateur paintings.

I found my first one last year here and have been searching for more ever since.  I will share more about my love for these soon in another #simplySunday post.vintage art deco bookshelf with glass doorMy biggest find of the day, and maybe the most exciting… ok, who am I kidding, it’s all exciting to me 😉 was this Art Deco bookcase.  It was a bit on the expensive side but I couldn’t resist.  These old bookcases are so versatile.  It is just the right size for any number of things; linens, books, dishes.

I had every intention of painting and selling this one but, in the week since I brought it home, I am pretty sure I have convinced myself that I NEED to have it in my Master bedroom 😉 We’ll see… vintage wooden spoons and metal pans found around the Ottawa valleyvintage finds found around Ottawa, Canada at the upcycle dump storesI am so thankful I had some time last weekend to head out on a little mini-day-away.  Not only did it provide a nice time to hang out with my sister, but it always does my heart good to spend the day hunting for things I love ♥

I hope that you have found some time lately to do the same!  vintage finds including paint by numbers found in the Ottawa valley

10 Comments on " A Trip Around the Ottawa Valley to My Favourite Dump Stores "

  1. Lisa

    Where is the Dump Store located. I can’t find it online. We have a cottage on the Big Rideau and would love to check it out!

    1. Lisa

      Hi Cynthia! The “dump stores” are actually at the different dump sites. They allow people to leave things they don’t want and others to take what they can use. If you look up dump sites in Lanark County you should find the info. Some are pretty off the beaten path but there are a few (like McDonald’s Corners) that aren’t too bad. Hope that helps!

  2. Lisa

    Fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous find. I love them all, and I know you will be doing great things with then.

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Ivory!! It has been a busy week here so I am still just itching to dig in and get working on that bookshelf 😉 Hopefully this weekend I can get started…

  3. Lisa

    Where are you located?! I just subscribed to your newsletter/projects and didn’t realize that you were in Ontario. I live in Lanark Highlands so seeing as you were “shopping” in the Ottawa Valley, you must be nearby!

    1. Lisa

      Hi Beverly! Thank you so much for joining me! We ARE neighbours!! I live in Ottawa and we have a cottage near Maberly 😉 I know exactly were Lanark Highlands is! That is so cool when you find people who know the same areas 🙂 I love it!! We have had a cottage in the Maberly area for 40 years so I know that whole area really well. It is so lovely to meet you and I bet you will know a lot of the place I write about 😉

  4. Lisa

    I’m jealous of those finds! Most especially that bookcase, but all of it speaks to me.

    1. Lisa

      Aww thanks Mary! It definitely speaks to me too so we must love the same things <3 I'm so glad you like them!

  5. Lisa

    Great treasures and lots of fun!!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Lisa

      😉 Thanks Louise! It is always such a wonderful day when I can hit the road and spend some time getting grimy looking for treasures! I only wish there was time to do it more often…

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