What $5 Will Get You in the World of Vintage Finds and Salvaged Wood

This past Saturday I got to spend the day cruising around the Ottawa Valley looking for salvaged wood and vintage finds.  My favourite kind of day!

The one thing I needed to find on my adventure was a dresser.  I was asked to do a piece for a special Canada 150 exhibit and finding the right dresser while out was my goal.

It turned out to be one of those days where everything worked out even better than I could have imagined!

I found exactly what I was looking for, for exactly the right price. $5!!  Yep $5!

Here is what $5 got me on my tootle around the valley last weekend…

reclaimed cork boardA huge reclaimed cork board,artificial blueberry wreatha blueberry wreath, found odds and ends for painting and projectsa handful of painting supplies including…old wood handled brush with natural bristlesthis amazing old brush with a perfectly worn handle and natural bristles.  wood bowl and cupI also found an old wooden bowl (I have been collecting these!), a wood vase, reclaimed kitchen cabinet door and wood piecesan old kitchen cabinet door, a pile of wood pieces and… salvaged woodreclaimed and salvaged barn woodsome gorgeous salvaged barn wood.waterfall dresserwater fall dresser found for freeAnd to top it all off… the perfect dresser for the Canada 150 project!  All for $5!!  Total!
Can you believe it?
I was beside myself with excitement to find so many great things for $5.

Want to know what else you can get for $5? little wrought iron birdOne little, wrought iron, yellow bird.  He was the same price as everything above but I just couldn’t leave him behind.  He is just so darn cute!!

You would be amazed, if you do a little research, what you can find in your area that offers free or low cost items.

Many municipalities reclaim what they can and give it away so that it doesn’t end up in the landfill.   I love these places.  They have become apart of me.  Not only because they give stuff away but because I can help the environment by reusing things that might otherwise be trash.

The next time you are looking for items for a project, see what you can find in your area for little to no cost and save something from ending up in the landfill.

6 Comments on " What $5 Will Get You in the World of Vintage Finds and Salvaged Wood "

  1. Lisa

    You are one heck of a lucky lady I must say. WOW!!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks! I have to say the Ottawa Valley is pretty good for some old and vintage finds 😉

  2. Lisa

    Love those kind of days….

    1. Lisa

      Mee too Louise, me too <3

  3. Lisa

    OMG Lisa!! You are such a TEASE!!! Where did you find that stuff?? That’s amazing!! TAKE ME WITH YOU NEXT TIME!!

    1. Lisa

      LOL we should plan a big outing for those of that like those thing this summer Marisa! In Lanark county all of the dump sites have reuse areas where people leave things that are still good any anyone can take them. Since our cottage is up that way I regularly make the rounds 😉 I love the idea of leaving things for other people to take; why not keep it out of the trash if someone else can use it! That is where I get a lot of things I use for my Dump “store” posts. The are definitely a treasure trove of things!

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