Fall Upcycling Projects Perfect for Decorating on Any Budget

Gosh, I love fall. The crisp air, the warm days and cool nights, the leaves, oh this list goes on and on.

I think since most of my life revolved around a school year (both as a student and a teacher) the fall always feels like a new beginning to me.

It’s the perfect time to change up your decor, start something new, and just reenergize everything in and around you.

vintage picking basket recreated with paint and a plastic doily

I’ve put together some of my favourite fall repurposing projects for you today. Don’t let September slip by without making something fun. It always makes you feel good.

All of these projects use something you may already have or you can easily find at the thrift store so no matter what your budget, you can add something new to your space.

To get the step-by-step directions for each project, just click on the title.

Enjoy and have fun!


Old Book

decoupaged book pages on pumpkins


Large Basket

fall basket painted like a jack-o-lantern


Vintage Racket

badminton racket pumpkin


Worn Out Cutting Board

thrifted cutting board and scrap wood apple sign


Glass Vase

A class candle holder made from real maple leaves


Used Berry Box

an old picking basket covered with Copper foil


And if you haven’t seen any of my recent Hometalk TV epsidodes, here is one of my favourites for Fall…

fall centerpiece

🍂 Happy Fall 🍂

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