From Broken Old Rackets to Perfect Fall Pumpkins

Have you started putting away all of your summer stuff yet? With Fall full on now and snow *cough cough* on the way sooner than later, it is definitely time to start packing stuff away.

If you are like me and end up with an abundance of things in storage you don’t need, why not turn some of it into new Fall decor!

The Old Rackets

I had a few old rackets in storage that I picked up at the dump reuse centre a few years ago and have never used them. I decided it was time to clear them out… so turned them into the perfect Fall pumpkins.

old tennis and badminton rackets

To start, I cut off the handles of the rackets so they became pumpkin shaped. I should note that it was much easier to cut off the tennis handle than the badminton handles. If you cut down badminton rackets, be warned that the metal handle goes right to the racket part. It took a few tries but I was finally able to find the end very close down to the oval.

handles cut off of tennis and badminton rackets

Painting the Rackets

With the handles cut off, it was quick and painless to paint the rackets. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Barcelona orange.  Annie Sloan paint sticks to pretty much anything so it was the perfect choice for this project with the different surfaces.

tennis racket painted orange

To give the pumpkins a little more of a worn, rustic feel (so they would fit in with my decor) they got a sanding and then a coat of clear Annie Sloan Wax with touches of dark wax. Trying to keep the wax only on the frame was a bit of a challenge and as you can see, I wasn’t especially successful at it LOL.

dark wax over orange paint on a tennis racket

Adding Texture

I thought it would be fun to add some colour and texture to one of the pumpkins. I had some chunky yarn leftover from this project so wove it in and out with an embroidery needle. A little hot glue on the back of the racket kept each length in place at either end. I did this to the tennis racket since I was only planning on doing one.

weaving chunky yarn through a racket

How cute is that chunky wool??  I always loved the colour of it so I was excited to use it again.

tennis racket pumpkin

Finishing off the Pumpkins

To finish off the pumpkins, I picked up some dried leaves on a walk and a piece of tree bark.

dried leaves and bark

The tree bark was easily cut in half and become the pumpkin stems. The dried leaves were added in while I glued the stems on.

tree bark used as a pumpkin stem

pinecones on a shelf

I am seriously in love with these rustic pumpkins and love that they were virtually free. You just can’t beat free 🙂

badminton racket pumpkin

Now… if only the snow will hold off for another month or two so we can fully enjoy the Fall!

old rackets turned into pumpkins

Did you upcycle anything while packing your summer things away to become some new Fall decor?


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tennis racket pumpkins

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    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Lora 🙂

  1. Lisa

    Such a unique idea.

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Linda! I was happy to use the rackets since they been laying around for some time 🙂

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      Aww thanks so much! You’ll have to dig them out now 😉

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    What a great project! Pinning. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks so much! It was a fun one 🙂

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