Make a Stunning Fall Candle Holder with Real Leaves

Fall is full swing here in Eastern Ontario and the leaves are looking gorgeous!  We have an abundance of Maple trees in Ontario and I am always looking for ways to use them in projects and preserve their beauty.

I created a piece of art, using real leaves, a few years ago (see it here… ) and it is still one of my favourite pieces to use in my Fall decor.

This year I wanted to incorporate real leaves in a different way and thought they would look beautiful through the flicker of a candle.

The Materials

I started with a glass vase; they are readily available at thrift stores or the reuse centres and some Maple leaves I picked from the trees around my house.

a thrifted glass candle holder and some Maple leaves

Prepping the Leaves

When you are working with real leaves, removing the moisture from them first is important.  I find it easiest to place the leaves between two paper towels and then iron them with high heat.  It only takes a few seconds and your leaves will be nice and dry and crispy.

ironing Maple Leaves to remove the moisture

ironing maple leaves to remove the moisture

Creating the Candle Holder

With the leaves nice and dry, spray the back of each one with spray adhesive.  I like to work with one leaf at a time so that the spray adhesive doesn’t dry before getting them positioned in place.

Once the leaves are all on, leave them to dry.  I left mine overnight just to make sure they were all sufficiently stuck.

Then, cover the entire area, the leaves, and the outside of the glass, with two coats of Mod Podge leaving it to completely dry between coats.  The Mod Podge will protect the leaves and give the glass a nice opaque look that will look beautiful with a candle behind it.

attaching Maple leaves to a glass jar with spray adhesive

Real Maple Leaves attached to a glass candle holder

The Candle

Add a low candle to the inside of the glass vase and light.  The lower the candle is, the more the leaves will show up.

A class candle holder made from real maple leaves

If you don’t live in an area where real Fall leaves are available, you could also follow the same steps with fake leaves; paper or cloth.

Using real Canadian Maple Leaves to make a glass candle holder

I absolutely love how pretty this candle holder looks in the dim and dark light.  It has an enchanting glow to it that makes the leaves dance and I love that I can now enjoy the Fall leaves inside at any time. ♥

a beautiful glass candle holder covered with real Maple leaves

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  1. Lisa

    I’m off to get some leaves! What a great project and I have everything I need on hand – ESPECIALLY the leaves!

    1. Lisa

      🙂 I’m so glad you liked it Beverly! I hope yours turned out well! Have fun 😉

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