Grab a Damaged Old Book to Make These Incredible Fall Pumpkins

Another month of the Junk Into Gems Challenge is coming to an end and this month’s item of the month was old books. Most old books are unable to be recycled due to the bindings and glue so they make a perfect choice to upcycle and refresh for the month of September.

To make these beautiful and rustic fall pumpkins you only need a few things. Grab an old, damaged book, some decoupage medium, and a few pumpkins.

old books

The pumpkins you use can be anything from foam to plastic to glass.

variety pumpkins

Creating your pumpkins

To begin creating these beautifully unique pumpkins, cut out some pages from the damaged book you will be using. You can use a utility knife to remove the pages from the book.

slices pages from old book

Once your pages are out, tear them into thin strips.

torn book pages

Using a decoupage medium like Mod Podge, spread some using a foam brush over the pumpkin surface and then lay on a piece of the book page. Smooth the paper with your fingers and then add a layer of Mod Podge over top to seal the page.

Continue doing this until your entire pumpkin is covered being sure to overlap the pages so nothing shows through.

decoupaging book pages onto pumpkin

Adding Vines and Stems

When your decoupaged book pages are completely dry, you can finish off your pumpkins with some vines and stems. Make vines out of jute twine and then glue them in place next to the stem. Find the directions on how to make these here…

If your pumpkins already have stems, wrap them in jute twine for a rustic feel, or add stems using sticks if not.

wrapping twine pumpkin stem

twigs for pumpkin stems

*** If you would like to join me for the next Junk into Gems Challenge, find all of the info here… ***

book pages on pumpkins

How fun are these fall pumpkins? I am so happy that I was able to reuse this old book and created these incredible pumpkins. Have you reused any old books lately for a project?

decoupaged book pages on pumpkins


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