Make Your Fall Table Beautiful Using A Vintage Coffee Pot

I love decorating for Fall. There are so many gorgeous colours and textures to incorporate that the possibilities always seem endless.

My one rule of thumb for seasonal decorating is to always mix vintage pieces with natural elements. It instantly makes the decor look and feel unique.

This month’s Junk into Gems Challenge was all about dishes. (there is still time to join btw!) Even though this vintage coffee pot may not be a dish you eat off of, I think it still qualifies as “dishes” so I grabbed it for my project.

The Coffee Pot

I have a lot of these old silver-plated pieces in my collection and while I love their patina and using them as is, this one was ripe for a makeover.

To start, I gave the coffee pot two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. Since I planned to distress it, I didn’t worry about it being fully covered. The paint adhered beautifully to the pot and I didn’t need to do anything but apply the paint.

The Lettering

When painted, the vintage coffee pot almost has the look of an old trophy with that beautifully-shaped handle. Adding lettering seemed the perfect way to keep that feel and add some fall flair.

I used some adhesive silkscreens for the lettering. They are actually made for chalk but they work great for paint as well. (here is a similar alphabet to the one I used…)

To use, lay them where you want the letter to be and press firmly with your fingers to make sure that the low tack adhesive is stuck to the surface.

Then add small amounts of the paint you want to use to one end. I wanted a mix of fall colours so used four different ones.

Use a plastic card to gently move the paint over the silkscreen. Make sure to cover it all.

Finally, peel off the silkscreen and your painted letters will be left.

letters painted on a vintage coffee pot

I love that the lettering looks fall-ish but has that same kind of old trophy feel to it.

pumpkins and a fall vase

If you have old silver plated items, don’t be afraid to paint them. There is so much out there that most of it really isn’t worth much. Besides… it’s just paint. It can always be taken off at a later date.

fall flowers

fall flower and pumpkins

If you would like to join me for the Junk into Gems Challenge, you can find all of the info here… 


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2 Comments on " Make Your Fall Table Beautiful Using A Vintage Coffee Pot "

  1. Lisa

    Really like the stencil you used. How tall are they?

    1. Lisa

      Thanks! The one that I used was a Martha Stewart alphabet that I think has been discontinued (I have had it for a while). Each letter is about 1.5 – 2″ tall.

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