Would You Have Brought These Thrifted Finds Home?

It’s been a while since I shared some of my thrift finds with you! You know that I only believe in buying (or taking – when it’s free) what speaks to you and what you love (read more here…) so I’m curious to see if you would have purchased the same things I did.

Here are some of my favourite finds so far this spring. Would you have grabbed them too?

Vintage Colander

I love the pattern on this vintage colander. As soon as I saw it I threw (ok placed) it into the cart. There are so many cool things that you can make with these from light fixtures to planters that I knew it was worth the few dollars to bring it home.

Wooden Sleigh

Do you take the time to look in the holiday section when you are thrifting? I always take a peak but these next two items were actually with the wood finds and not in the holiday section.

There is so much potential in this small sleigh. It could be turned into a wreath for a door, sit under a table centrepiece, or made into a sign… so many possibilities.

Wood Deer Head

It’s the same with this deer head. I love how rustic the wood is and may just leave it as it is.

Never pass up seasonal items. You’ll be thrilled you grabbed them once that holiday rolls around and you start decorating or creating.

Picking Basket

I have had so many of these over the years and I always find ways to use them. Their rustic beauty is great just as it is or they can be given a facelift or turned into something else like I did here and here…

This one had some damage but for $2.49 I couldn’t pass it up. Would you have grabbed it even with the


Wood Cabinet

I love the bones of this cabinet even if the door was hanging off its hinge lol. It was likely an IKEA cabinet but, like the other things, has so much potential!

I have already started giving it a makeover at the shop and if you follow along on Instagram or Facebook you likely saw it in the video I posted Friday. I’ll share more about its transformation when it’s done.


Doesn’t this little footstool scream 1990s? From the fabric to the style, I’m sure it’s about 30 years old. While it is fantastically dated, it is the perfect size and height and just ripe for a makeover.

Just look at those lovely little legs! How could you pass it up?

Wooden Star

The piece de resistance this spring has definitely been this wooden star. There was something incredibly special about this piece when I saw it. While it might look like a normal wooden star from the front, check out the next photo from the side…

It’s massively thick! Someone cut this star out of a thick slab of wood and even though it isn’t huge, it sure is heavy. I’m still not sure how it stays standing on the skinny little dowel that holds it up.

Now the question is… leave it as it is in all of its rustic glory or paint, stain, or decorate it. I have to admit that I am leaning towards leaving it just as it is. While there is so much that can be done with it, I think it’s beautiful just the way the person made it.

What do you think?
Would have you brought home the things I did or would you have left them behind?

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  1. Lisa

    Love what you bought!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much! I’m pretty happy with all of these finds 😉

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