Thrift Store Goodies for Upcoming Projects

I haven’t had a chance to get to the dumps very much this year so I had to make a thrift store run this weekend. I will take the dump reuse centres any day but sometimes you just have to make do. 🙂

There are quite a few thrift stores in my general area thankfully so when I need a list of things I can usually find what I am looking for. This weekend the hunt was for things I need for upcoming projects and Hometalk TV episodes.

Here is a little sneak peek at what  I found. Let me know if you have any guesses on what I will be doing with any of them!

The Lamp

I needed a lamp that was nice skinny. Even though this one didn’t come with a shade it was still a steal at $2.99.

black thrift store lamp

The Table

This table was exactly the kind of piece I love. It was stained, dirty, and a little bit wobbly. Everyone else just walked right by it.

You get a little hint at this project with the picture below but it isn’t quite what you might think…

damaged thrift store table

flower stencils

The Trunk

This trunk is solid! It is made of thick, heavy wood and has soo much potential. It may be missing a handle, had metal stuck to it, and been painted in bright red, but that never stopped me before.

There is also a little hint of what will be used on it below and it is not going to be for cleaning it up!

heavy wood thrift store trunk

corn whisk

The Estate Sale Find

This old paint-by-number was actually found at an estate sale a few weeks ago not the thrift store but I had to share it. I saw it in an ad online and instantly fell in love with the church and village. I am a sucker for paint-by-numbers and winter scenes so it was like it was made for me.

I was sure it would be gone by the time I got to the estate sale on the second day but to my delight it was still there. Not only was it still there but the guy said I could have it for $1!!! Can you believe it?!

1999 paint by number box

It didn’t come with a frame (although everything was still in the box including the paints, brush, and directions!) but I am sure I can find one a vintage one in my stash.

winter scene paint by number

The Pitcher

This last one was the only thing I grabbed this weekend that wasn’t for an upcoming project. I love white dishes and when I saw this pitcher I couldn’t help myself. It’s larger than it looks in the picture and I kept thinking it looked like a giant creamer.

There are no markings on it so I am not really sure how old it is but I loved the shape and knew there were oodles of things I could do with it. Besides, who doesn’t need a large, overside creamer for $3.99?

white thrift store pitcher

Have you found anything good lately at the thrift store or dump? I’ll be sure to share in July how the table, lamp, and trunk turn out so stay tuned!

If you love a good thrift or vintage find, check out my tips here on decorating with vintage on a budget.

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