Five Vintage Pieces to Use When Displaying Your Cut Flowers

It’s no secret that I love being outside and love nature so it should come as no surprise that I love having flowers in my house. With spring finally here, it’s time to start thinking about flowers again and how lovely it will bring to cut some spring blooms.

Let’s take a look at five of my favourite vintage containers to use to display flowers. It’s time to think outside of the “vase” and combine special vintage finds with beautiful blooms.

1 – Spice Jars

Small vintage spice jars are so cute and perfect for single or small flowers. Think wildflowers, a rose, or a small clipping too tiny for a vase. Wrap some twine around the mouth of the jar, add a long loop for hanging, and you can display these anywhere.

2 – Silver-Plated Dishware

Silver-plated dishware is in abundance at thrift stores. You can usually grab it for next to nothing because its value is more in its shape and age over its silver content. The beautiful patina found on most silver-plate makes it a wonderful choice for flowers. Think pitchers, trophy cups, or even smaller pieces for short or single blooms.

3- Ironstone

Not all ironstone is created equal and not all ironstone costs a fortune. Many times you can find old white pieces that aren’t ironstone but look like it or you can find ironstone at cheaper prices because it is in poor shape. These pieces make wonderful containers for cut flowers because they come in so many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Think soup tureens for large branches and bouquets of spring blossoms.

4 – Sap Spiles

If you live anywhere that has maple sugar tapping you will see vintage sap spiles in abundance. These little gems typically have a hole in them but they can be sealed to turn them into the perfect little bud holders. See how to seal them here and then think small flowers like single Crocuses, Lily-of-the-Valley, or Violets.

5 – Glass Jars

Glass jars may be tried and true but you can still think a little outside of the “vase” on this one too. Look for vintage jars that are blue, pink, or yellow or have chunky tops to them. Leave the ring on but remove the glass for a beautiful old farmhouse feel.

When you go to display your cut flowers and spring blossoms this year I hope you’ll grab a vintage container. There are so many amazing pieces out there that would make your blooms look unique and special.

No matter how you display them though, flowers make our world beautiful and do the soul good so enjoy them as much as possible ♥

4 Comments on " Five Vintage Pieces to Use When Displaying Your Cut Flowers "

  1. Lisa

    Thank you for your pretty and creative ideas!
    As mother suggestion I like to use for bouquets to Posie picks are pretty salt and pepper shakers ( ceramic, porcelain, cut glass, crystal) take to he lids off if they have lids, and fill them with little Posie bouquets.
    I also use sugar bowls, from beautiful China or crystal,
    to a chipped up farm kitchen sugar bowl,
    gravy boats and creamer pitchers are fun.
    Emptied decorative perfume bottles (removed lid and pump with needle-nose pliers).

    Al things pretty!

    1. Lisa

      Those are such beautiful choices as well! I love the idea of salt and pepper shakers too… what a great idea. Don’t the flowers look so much better in some special? Thank you so much for sharing what you use – I love hearing about what everyone else uses as well.

  2. Lisa

    Very inspiring, thanks for the creative ideas. Makes arranging those beautiful flowers so much easier.

    1. Lisa

      Thank you so much Louise. I am so glad you liked them 🙂

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