My Latest Exciting Trip to the Dump Stores

A few weeks ago I was itching to get in the car and have a day away, so, called up my sister and we headed off to the infamous dump stores.  It is always so great to just get out of the house (especially when you’ve been cooped up all winter!) and hit the road in search of treasures.  It does the soul good!

Since it was still pretty chilly, there weren’t many people at the dumps.  I took the opportunity to snap some pics of the buildings so that you can see what they actually look like.

Dump Number One

The first one we hit up has a cute little building.  No heat… but none the less, a really little building.  Code Rd dump Reuse centre, OntarioAt this dump, I picked up some beautifully coloured vintage books.  Old books make great staging props and there are soo many out there that it is pretty easy to grow a collection in colours you like.  vintage books found at the dumpI also picked some old ephemera.  Ephemera, if you are not familiar with the term, is things like programs and papers that were never meant to be saved for the long-term but have survived.  A collection of Christmas music and a Highland Games program from the 70s both came home with me.  I have used vintage music before on projects like this one so love having a little stash of it around.  vintage ephemera music and Highland Games book

Dump Number Two

At the next dump we stopped at, the “store” is a collection of old shipping containers that are joined together to make a building.  Again, they have no heat so it makes the crowd lite but the looking quick so you don’t freeze.  You’d be amazed how cold these buildings are in the winter! dump reuse stoer in Perth, OntarioThis time I found some vintage china from Czechoslovakia.  I love how unusually low the tea cups are and the delicate blue and pink flowers.  There was an entire set but I only took two.  I usually only take what I will use so that someone else can have what they might need/want.  vintage fine china with pink flowers and blue trimI also found this vintage glass pitcher.  It was in great shape with no chips it was just in need of a good cleaning.  A bouquet of wildflowers from the cottage this summer will look beautiful in it!  Come on summer!! vintage glass pitcher kitchenware

Dump Number Three

Our final stop on our outing was at the largest of the dumps we usually visit.  It has several buildings and in the summer also has furniture and items on tables all over the gravel as well.  It is usually hopping with people during the warmer weather so it was nice to be able to get a few pics when there were fewer people around.   reuse centre at the dump McDonald's Corners OntarioREuse Centre near Lanark OntarioAt this stop, I found a box of old, vintage Christmas bulbs.  Aren’t they so pretty?  I am not sure what I’ll so with them yet, but maybe turn them into a garland next Christmas.  Their vivid colours and large size remind me of my grandparent’s Christmas tree growing up so it will be fun to have them around.  I have also used them in projects like this one before.vintage Christmas light bulbs and ornaments This little wood box was also just begging to be brought home.  They are so versatile I can store any number of things in it so I am sure it will be put to good use. small wood boxI didn’t find any huge pieces this time but I am always happy to pick up some little things; especially when it’s all free!  Each and every time we go it is an adventure.  You just never know what you will find.

And for those of you who love following along with my dump store adventures and makeovers, I have added a tab to the Navigation Bar so that you can easily find all of my dump store finds and projects.  navigation bar for Recreated Designs

Have a great weekend and if you are out hunting up vintage treasures may you find lovely pieces as well!  Happy hunting!

6 Comments on " My Latest Exciting Trip to the Dump Stores "

  1. Lisa

    Wish you would tell us city folk the location of these dumps…but i guess that is highly secretive info….

    1. Lisa

      LOL not so secretive at all Marisa! They are all in Lanark and Tay townships. Kim and I were just saying we need to take a little trip around to them all soon 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I recognize the Reuse Store!!! Have donated there and had a good “snoop” at the same time. Great place!

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t it such a great place Beverly?! I try and drop things off often as well when I am heading there. I am happy to be able to give back in exchange for taking 😉

  3. Lisa

    I love, love the cups and saucers. Will see you soon at the “All things IOD workshop” on April 25.

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Sergine! Aren’t they so pretty? I couldn’t resist! See you soon!

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