Last June when I was at the Country Living Fair in NY, I had a little extra time to peruse some of the antique markets in the local area.  Being in an older area of the United States, they were packed to the brim with amazing things.  Some of the shops and barns even had sections of free things!

In one of the shops I was in, I found a beautiful, old, wooden picking basket.  It was a gorgeous colour and size and yep… it was in the free sectionI grabbed it quicker than was probably necessary 😉 and put it right into my car.  (Didn’t want to risk loosing that gem!)

Fast forward a few months and as I was working on my Living Room re-do I pulled out the old basket.  It was exactly what I needed to light up one corner.   I turned it into a hanging lamp and it couldn’t have been easier.

Here is how to turn just about anything into a hanging lamp… Hanging lamp kit from Amazon.caI found this light kit on It was really inexpensive at about $17 Canadian.  hanging lamp kit from Amazon.caIt came with everything in the box (including the hangers!) that I needed, except a light bulb. Edison bulb being used for a hanging lampI chose an Edison style bulb that had an amber tint to it so that it wasn’t too bright. There are a ton of different Edison style bulbs out there now that you can choose from to suit your room and needs.

hooks in the ceiling to hang hanging lamp in LivingroomTo hang my new lamp, I drilled two holes into the ceiling and added plugs.  The plugs came with the kit and I would definitely recommend using them.  They will hold your lamp secure so that you never have to worry about it falling on your head!

Once the plugs were in, I screwed in the hooks and that was all I had to do. hanging lamp basket and wood shelfTo make the lamp itself, I drilled a large hole in the bottom of the basket and threaded the cord through it.  Screw in the light bulb and hang the light and that is it.  It really is that easy! an old basket turned hanging lampI absolutely love how rustic this basket looks as a light and how inexpensive it was to make.  In total, it cost me about $25 Canadian.

Oh and I have no intention of painting the basket… it is just too pretty in all of its natural glory.  This is one time my paint brush can stay put on its shelf 😉

Pin for later… turn an old picking basket into a hanging lamp collage

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  1. I’ve seen many of these, but this basket is THE BEST! Love it!

  2. Wow! This hanging basket light is awesome! Love this!!

  3. I adore this! Pinned and sharing 🙂

  4. I have this on my list for a while now and I really really love the basket you used for this, it’s perfect and so super pretty! That must have been one amazing fair to go to! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration, have a lovely week!!

    • I am so in love with this basket too! The age, the colour, the lines… it all makes me smile every time I look at it <3 Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!

  5. MARY H WILSON says:

    Hi Lisa . First I think it’s awesome that you got that for free. Good job. Loved what you did to the basket. Always wanted to know how to do that. Now I know thanks.

    • Thank you Mary and you are so welcome 😉 I continue to love, love, love this lamp in my Living Room.

  6. natashalh says:

    Super cute project! I really love the look of Edison bulbs, and using an old basket as a lamp is such a neat idea!

    • Thanks Natasha! I love the look of Edison bulbs too and with the basket over it, it just gives off such a pretty glow to the room when it’s on.

  7. I really like the way this looks! Now I’m going to be on the hunt for a perfect basket!

    • Thanks Aliza! I am so in love with this lamp and it throws off just the perfect amount of light for the space. Have fun 😉

  8. I am SWOONING! I truly need and want to make at least 3 of these. That basket shape is perfection!

    I’ve featured you this weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 364. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

    • Aww thanks Donna! I am completely in love with this basket too! I absolutely love the warmth it brings to the room. Thank you so much for the features! Have a wonderful weekend.

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