From Table to Bench

 Last week I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the Ottawa Home and Garden Show.  During my talk on Upcycling, I also did a demo to show how easy it is to take something that is ready for the trash and make it into something beautiful for your home.
I stated with this side table that I found that was unusable because the caning on the top of the table had become brittle and broken.The wood, frame and legs of this table were in great condition so I decided it would be perfect as a bench.  I love the lines of the legs and they are very sturdy so it will definitely hold some weight.
To being, I attached a piece of cardboard to the underside of the table to keep the caning from falling in little piles on the floor.Next I gave the legs and lip of the table a coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® in a custom blend of Old White and Pure White.  (I don’t have a picture of this stage as it was done at the Home Show)
After the paint, I began layering up the top of the table to form the bench.  Between each layer I used some spray adhesive to hold them in place.  I began on the top of the table with another piece of cardboard (just to hold the staples from the bottom layer) and then a piece of foam cut to match the size of the top of the table.Once the foam was in place, I covered it with a piece of batting to soften the look of the corners and edges.  I attached the batting with a few staples under the lip of the table to hold it in place.Finally, to cover the foam and batting and finish of the bench, I used this gorgeous piece of Annie Sloan Fabric®*.  I covered the top and then stapled it under the lip of the table to hold it in place.  I then folded the ends like you would when wrapping a present because I wanted to see the beautiful stripes at different angles.
This beautiful bench is a perfect example of what I love about Upcycling… something that was broken and considered trash, was recreated into a beautiful bench that can be used anywhere and was saved from ending up in the dump!
My dog photobombing the picture of a bench
*A special thank-you to Katrina from Malenka Originals in Ottawa for the beautiful Annie Sloan Fabric® that she kindly donated for the demo!




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    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this project and loved how it turned out… as did my dog:) He is pretty darn cute, but I'm pretty biased 🙂

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