Rug Pad Review for Rug Pad Corner

Don’t you just love the look of a beautiful area rug on a floor? I do! I think area rugs have such a special way of warming up a room while bringing it all together.  There is such a variety of area rugs out there that you can always find one that matches your needs and style.
While rug pads that go under area rugs are not the sexiest product to buy, they should definitely be a staple in any home with an area rug.  They not only provide a safe, non-slip grip, help to reduce noise, protect your floor and prolong the life of your rug but they also make any area rug feel luxurious.
About a month ago I was contacted by a company called Rug Pad Corner and asked if I would test out their natural, chemical free rug pads.  I instantly had two very different area rugs in mind and was excited to see how the rug pads would perform not only under the different types of rugs but on different types of flooring.
The first rug I had in mind was this lovely, off-white, shag rug that lays on laminate flooring.


The second rug was this gorgeous, hand braided rug that sits on a hardwood floor.
I was very impressed with the easy of the Rug Pad Corner website.  You are able to put in the type of flooring you have and the size of the rug and it helps you to choose the pad that will best suit your needs.
When I received my rug pads, they were well packaged and came quickly!


For the rug pad that would be under the shag rug on a laminate floor, I chose the Ultra-Premium natural rug pad.  This rug pad was a thick felt on one side with rubber on the opposite side.  It not only provides a great non-slip service on both the floor and the rug but is chemical free and had no smell at all when we rolled it out.


The purple side is the rubber side that lays directly on the flooring to make the area rug stay in place.    The rug pads are guaranteed to protect your flooring for years without leaving any kind of residue or marks.


The second rug pad that I chose was the Super Hold for under the braided rug that lays on hardwood. I have to say that I was equally impressed with the Super Hold rug pad!  It was thicker than the usual “sticky” kind of rug pad I had bought in the past and stayed in place incredibly well.
Again, there was no chemical smell when it was rolled out and layed down and the only thing I had to do to prep it was to trim the corners.


I have to say, in all honesty, that I truly am impressed with the rug pads that I received.  I love that Rug Pad Corner is a green company and committed to using no chemicals or adhesives in their products.  All of their rug pads are also made in the USA and they donate part of each purchase to one of their 3 afflicted charities!  All worthy of mentioning in my book 🙂
Rug Pad Corner is truly a company that fits with my desire to be more echo-friendly, use products that are long lasting and not disposable and that are chemical free.
Please feel free to use this discount code if you place an order anytime with Rug Pad Corner: REVIEW15.   It will give you a 15% discount on your entire order. 🙂
Disclosure: This post is a compensated partnership with Rug Pad Corner to review their rug pads.
All opinions, words and images are my own.

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