Colour Inspiration

What is your favourite colour?  What colours inspire you?
Do you have an answer to that when asked?
I don’t.
How can you pick just one colour?
Some days I may answer blue.  Some days I might answer yellow.  Or pink.  Or brown/beige.

There are just so many beautiful colours that I encounter each day how could I ever pick just one?

I admit that the colour I feel drawn to on any particular day may have to do with my mood or something I may have seen.  There are colours that I am innately pulled towards and others that I tend to shy away from.

I am inspirited daily though by the colours around me.  They make me happy.

I have created Pinterest boards dedicated to colour inspiration.  I drop by when I can’t figure out what colour to paint a piece or to just swoon over the gorgeous things people have created 🙂

Check them out whenever you need a little colour inspiration and if you have a project or piece that you’d me to add, leave the link in the comments and I would be happy to pin it to it’s colour inspiration board!

Pinkcandle holders painted and distressed with pink paintBlueshades_of_midnight_sky_paintYellowdistressing_mustard_seed_yellow_paintOrangeorange painted halloween jarsBlackdetails_miss_mustard_seed_milk_paint_typewriterPurplesilver flower tray on a purple backgroundWhitewood handle painted with white paint and distressedRedowl on burlap in a red frameGreendistressing_fusion_mineral_paint_laurentienBrown and Beigebrown dresser drawersGreyVintage-Hardware-After

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