The Power of Paint

Painting on canvas has never been something that I am good at. Give me a piece of furniture and I’ll go to town, but canvas… that seems to be a whole other story.  I am always in complete awe though of anyone that can paint on canvas because of the incredible detail they can achieve.

I have gotten to know a lovely, local women over the past few years and her talent blows me away!  She has to spend at lot of her time, in the winter, indoors because of medical reasons so she paints and makes stained glass to pass the time.

Whenever I get a chance to see her, she is always asking about my little four-legged photobomber.  She loves to see pictures of him at work photobombing and gets such a kick out of his cuteness 🙂  Of course, I am always happy to oblige!       dog tipping his head Not long ago, she asked if she could have a picture of him so I gave her the one above.
I love this picture.
He always tips his head to the side when you are talking to him… like he is so intent on your story that he doesn’t want to miss a syllable.

After not seeing her for quite a while this winter, I was able to see her again last week and she gave me this… canvas painting of Mugsy the dogI just couldn’t believe it!  I was (and still am) in complete awe of what she was able to capture on canvas.  My photo does not begin to do her painting justice but the details when you see it person are just absolutely amazing.  When she gave it to me I was speechless.  I just stared at the canvas and felt like I was seeing him in person.a dog next to a canvas painting of himselfWhat an incredible gift!  I will forever cherish this painting and not only because of the subject matter but also because of her incredible talent.
How someone can capture the essence and nature of a living being with just a little paint and a piece of canvas boggles my mind.  It doesn’t matter whether paint is on paper, a canvas or a piece of furniture… the power it holds will never cease to leave me in awe.

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8 Comments on " The Power of Paint "

  1. Lisa

    Your dog is just adorable! I have two dogs, one cat and a bird. I love animals! In fact I did a post on Preventive Cruelty to Animals Month. (April) This picture she painted is amazing!

    1. Lisa

      I don’t know how anyone lives without a pet 🙂 Aren’t they wonderful!!

  2. Lisa

    Lisa, this is amazing! How sweet that someone would take the time to paint such an intricate piece. I can’t get over how she was able to capture your dog so perfectly. It’s stunning. I’m so excited for you! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t it just incredible? I couldn’t believe what a gorgeous picture she was able to paint and what an amazing gift to receive. She is one special lady for sure 🙂

  3. Lisa

    Aww, this is the best kind of gift. Your little sweetie looks great on canvas and in person!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Mary 🙂 I’m pretty partial to his cuteness myself <3

  4. Lisa

    She did an amazing job painting your dog!! Wow!!! She is super talented!!!

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t it amazing!! I couldn’t believe what an incredible job she did! Definitely something I’ll cherish forever 🙂

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