My New Favourite Paint Colour

I am always torn between colour and neutrals.  A beautiful pop of colour can do so much for you decor (and psyche!) but ultimately I am drawn to neutrals.  The soothing, calming and relaxing effects of white, beige and blue always warm my heart.

Neutrals always remind me of the shades and colours found in nature.  My deep love of the outdoors and bringing it, even a little bit, into my home speaks to me.

Does nature speak to you?  Do you know what I mean?

A few weeks ago I got to try one of the new paint colours from the Country Chic Paint Fall/Winter line and it has seriously become my new favourite neutral.  Nocturnal is a creamy, gorgeous grey/green that reminds me of the forest at night.

To test out the new Nocturnal, I painted this vintage side table and the difference was incredible.   Solid Wood Vintage side table before being recreated and paintedCountry Chic Fall/Winter 2016 paint in NocturnalCountry Chic Paint Antiquing WaxAlong with the Nocturnal, I used a little Antiquing wax to highlight the vines.  The rich brown of the Antiquing Wax paired perfectly with the colour of the paint.  Applying Country Chic Paint Antiquing Wax to Nocturnal paintWhat makes the smoky greens and shadowy greys of Nocturnal a neutral?  It really goes with any colour.  You would pair it with a bright colour or another beautiful neutral and it looks amazing with it all.  Noctornal All-in-One paint from Country Chic Paint

Reusing vintage hardware redone with Silver Leaf Rub n Buff and Antiquing GlazeNocturnal Country Chic Paint and Antiqing Waxvintage side table painted with Country Chic Paint in Nocturnal

I am really looking forward to using Nocturnal again.  Maybe in my living room… hmm… Are you as smitten with it as I am?

The paint for this project was generously provided by Country Chic Paint but the colour choice was completely my own 😉

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    1. Lisa

      Thanks Julie! It is such a different colour but so pretty in person… it has a lot of depth and warmth.

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