What to Look for When Buying Painted Furniture

This past weekend I spent 4 days at the Ottawa Home and Remodeling show.  It was a very long 4 days but we had such a great time!  I am incredibly thankful to have spent it with some wonderful painter friends… they definitely made the 4 days so. much. fun!

As I watched people mull about and look at various pieces of furniture, I realized that many did not know what to look for when purchasing a quality piece of painted furniture. a beautiful dresser painted creamRefreshed furniture can be so beautiful and unique.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind and painted with vision and creativity.  It can be difficult to know what is quality… and what is not though.

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect piece when you are in the market for some new furniture…

Look for:

solid wood old wash standsolid wood dresser topSolid wood  – it will last longer and be much sturdier

dovetailing on an old drawer painted blueDovetails – these will usually indicate that the piece is handmade and is of an older age

the painted back of a vintage wood dresserthe inside of a painted drawerPainted backs and drawers – usually these show that the painter has gone the extra mile to do an exceptional job

beautiful details on an upholstered chairDetails – gorgeous details take an ordinary piece to the next level making it high-end

Ask about:

how-to-purchase-quality-painted-furniture-recreateddesignsFinishes – What type of finish is on the piece?
What was used to finish the top?
What was the finishing process?
Asking these things are very important because they will give you an idea of how long the finish will last and if there is any upkeep needed to maintain it

Take a peak at:

details that make a piece of painted furniture look unfinisheddThe back – when you find that the back of a piece is sloppy and unfinished can often mean that job was rushed and done carelessly.  Paint the small things that no one usually sees really catapults a piece from just looking nice to being exceptional

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are buying painted furniture.  If you pay attention to the details of a piece and how they were finished, you will end up with a quality piece that should last you for years to come.  small potted tree with tin hearts hanging from itAnd, in the end, you have to love the piece of furniture you choose.  If a piece speaks to you… get it!
You don’t want to regret missing out on that perfect piece.turquoise painted stool with white polka dotsA big thanks to AKB Creations, Paint-Er Up and Karla’s Creations for letting me photograph their gorgeous pieces. (ps – the “take a peak” picture is not theirs!) 

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