Paint the Colours of a Canadian Winter {Pink & Red}

This week, as we continue to celebrate winter in Canada we turn to pink and red.  Whether you like Valentine’s Day or not, it is a nice bright spot (colour wise) in what can be a dreary, long few months. Valentine’s Day brings about the chance to dig out those pinks and reds and bring some cheer into your home.  
pink polka dot heart laying on snow

There are so many beautiful shades of pink and red.  From the crazy-bright to the muted and soft.  I think everyone can find a hue to work into their decor of one or the other.

As we take a minute to celebrate all that we love today, enjoy this celebration of pink and red!

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4 Comments on " Paint the Colours of a Canadian Winter {Pink & Red} "

  1. Lisa

    Hi Lisa; My favorite colour is pink so I really enjoyed several of the projects in your post. Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog.

    1. Lisa

      Ohh I love pink as well Leanna! It is one of my favourites even though I don’t have a lot of it in my home. Glad you enjoying the pieces <3

  2. Lisa

    Beautiful pinks and reds, all so inspiring!

    1. Lisa

      Aren’t they so pretty?! I love pink especially <3

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