A Recreation of My Grandmother’s Past

Was: Antique Dressing Table
Recreated Into: A Paint and Supply Workstation
Level: Medium

This wonderful, 1940’s dressing table was in sad shape when I acquired it.  Even though it was stained, battered and worn from many years of use, it was my grandmother’s, and I just wasn’t willing to part with it.  For as long as I can remember, it stood proudly in her bedroom.  The drawers overflowed with odds and ends, the mirror was decorated with name tags from functions long forgotten and there were stains from where she had placed her teacups.  Now that it was mine, I didn’t have any clue what I would use it for but I knew I wasn’t willing to give it up.

After quite some contemplation, I decided it would make the perfect spot to hold all of my paints, supplies and sandpaper.  I was now ready to begin the transformation.  I started by removing the parts that I didn’t need (mirror and supports) and then cleaned out the drawers.  I had recently discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® (ASCP) and realised that it would be the perfect solution to bring the piece back to life now that I had “readied” it.

I decided on the Pure White ASCP and went to town.  I put two coats on the dressing table and then sanded it in spots to bring out the charm and character of the facade.  I finished the whole thing off which a coat of all-natural bees wax furniture polish so that it had a soft and durable coating.

It has become the perfect storage space for all of my supplies and I absolutely love that everyday when I go to grab a quart of paint or a paint brush, my grandmother’s love and hands have been all over them as well.






On a bit of a side note… Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is an amazing, textured, matte paint that can be applied to anything!  And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING!  No sanding, stripping or prepping.  There isn’t even a smell to the paint so can be used virtually anywhere.  I have truly fallen in love with this paint!


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