A Lovely Little Behind The Couch Table

Was: A broken book shelf
Recreated into: A behind-the-couch shelf and table

I have wanted a behind the couch table, in my own home, for awhile.  I have a large velvet couch and definitely did not want a coffee table because of the size of the room.  The need continued to arise though for somewhere to put cups, books etc… when spending time in the living room.  I knew what I wanted, I just needed to find a suitable shelf/table.

I found this little cedar bookshelf that was in pretty bad condition but was the perfect size.   There were holes, gashes and and a really rough paint job.  These things have never scared me off before though and didn’t this time 🙂  After hours of stripping 3 layers of old paint off of the shelf I filled the gashes and holes with wood filler.  A new coat of flat chocolate brown paint finished off the basis for the shelf.

Once the table was put into place I decided I didn’t really like the look of the basic plank legs.  I sewed up a pleated skirt for the bottom and loved the effect.  In order to tack on the skirt, I used some little thumb tacks that I painted with nail polish in a colour that matched.

I love the way that this little table turned out and loved that I was able to reuse something that needed some TLC instead of buying something new.



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