How to Firm Up Your Soft Couch in Minutes

Most of our couches get to the point where they just don’t feel firm enough anymore. You notice (especially after being home for the past year and a half) that your favourite spot has gotten a little dodgy and soft feeling.

Instead of thinking about a new couch, think about replacing the foam instead. It is a fraction of the cost and can usually be done in minutes.

One of the couches at our cottage has been feeling a little too soft for a while now and it was time this week to finally bite the bullet as the saying goes and firm it up. We even had to turn the cushion around to make it less soggy temporarily. If you look at the picture below, you will see the zipper on the outside 🙂

Most couches come with removable seat cushions and you find that when they are removed, they are almost always a zipper along the back of each one. That zipper is the magic that makes replacing the foam a snap.

cottage couch

New Foam

To replace the foam with new, firmer foam, start by measuring how much you need. Make sure to measure the length, width, and height. I like to use a firm foam when I replace cushions as it will get softer over time. I usually order high-density foam – anything softer than high-density won’t be firm enough.

The foam I ordered for our couch, can be found here… Once you have your new foam, be sure to open it up and let it air out for a day or two before cutting it.

measuring new foam to cut

Cutting the Foam

With the foam ready to go, unzip the cushions and remove the old foam. You can use this foam as a pattern to cut the new foam.

Lay the old foam on top of the new foam and draw a line around it with a sharpie.

a line marked on new foam

Use an electric knife (you can pick these up for a couple of dollars at thrift stores) to slice the foam down the line. Be sure to cut all the way through and don’t worry if your line isn’t perfect. The cut edge and be placed at the back of the couch or will end up being one of the sides which are never seen.

cutting new foam with an electric knife

a new cut piece of foam

Replacing the Foam

With the foam cut, wrap it in some batting before placing it back in the cushion cover. The batting will help to smooth everything out and give a little softness to the edges.

When you are ready to place your new foam into the cover, turn the cover inside out. Start at one end and slowly work your way up to the top. This part is easier with two people so that one can squeeze the foam and one can slip the cover on.

replacing the foam in a couch cushion

Finally zip up your cover and replace the cushion on your couch. Test it out and you will feel like you have a brand new couch in just a matter of minutes!

It may not look that different on our couch but let me tell you, when you sit on it, you can certainly feel the difference; it feels like a brand new couch!

firmed up couch cushions

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foam being fitted into a cushion cover


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  1. Lisa

    Glad you gave this advice, as so many do not realize you are able to do this. I’ve replaced mine many times over the last 50 years…I am getting ready to replace them on my current set as well. That electric knife will definitely save you! Where you can’t cut a straight line with scissors or even a sharp knife, you will most definitely get a much straighter line with an electric knife! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much and you are most welcome! I have done it several times as well – it is such an easy thing to do and basically makes your couch feel brand new!

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